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Let Wyrd Sort 'Em Out v. 1.1

I lost the original read me so here's some basic info:

"Kill 'em all...and let Wyrd sort 'em out!"

This was one of my last projects before I disappeared for a while. I just remember being pleased with the finished result, because it seemed like I was finally beginning to master Loathing and Photoshop (I was still a wee lad at the time!)


Let Wyrd Sort 'Em Out:
4/6 Heron Guards
6/10 Warriors
8/14 Wolves
4/8 Soulless
1/2 Fetch
1/3 Dwarves

Poacher Assassin Target
Let Wyrd Smite 'Em (TFL-ish)
4/8 Brigands
2/3 Dwarves
1/2 Journeymen
1/2 Wights
4/6 Ghols
4/6 Archers
8/12 Thrall

Cannon Assassin Target
Let Wyrd Punish 'Em (H00rish)
6/12 Ghols
1 Myrkridian Giant
7/12 Myrkridia
2/3 Dwarven Mortar Heroes
3/7 Heron Guard Heroes
2 Mahir

Myrkridian Giant Assassin Target

Made in Whole or in Part using Fear and Loathing , Copyright 1998 Bungie Software. Map by "remedial."

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