; Mythgraveyard

Kill 'Em All!....

and Let Wyrd Sort 'Em Out!

3 meshes of crazy fun-

Let Wyrd Sort 'Em Out= Grey- like unit set.

Let Wyrd Smite 'Em= Light TFL- like unit set.

Let Wyrd Punish 'Em= A h00rish unit set in which i attempted to create a balanced multiplayer game with a myrk giant. Includes mahir,(Don't forget they are there) mortar heroes and ghol-goodies keep Big myrks in there place.

v1.1- Fixed some problems with flags and adjusted the poacher speed.

All maps created in whole or in part using Fear and Loathing Copyright 1998 Bungie. Maps made by remedial. at remedial14@hotmail.com.

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