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Leggo II Arena (RDF!!) v1.2 for Myth II ~ Map by Rohan(MoR) ~ Tweaked by Baak

To All Myth II Leggo Fans:

This is an "RDF Enabling" of the most excellent "Leggo II Arena" map by Rohan!

The original "Leggo II Arena" plugin was done in such a way as to make it
impossible to play using "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" - even with all my third-party
unit conversions. :P

So... I tweaked it! :D

This was much trickier than I originally thought, but it was well worth it!

You can now play the original "Leggo II Arena" - with or without RDF!! - *and*
I've added four additional maps *especially* for RDF!! that will work just as
well without if you want some really big Leggo battles! :D

[This also means you can just use this plugin and not have to use the old one]

The RDF!!-specific maps contain the following additional tweaks:

(1) Generally they DOUBLE the units on Heroic, and TRIPLE them on Legendary
(2) The "Alt" meshes now have Mechs, Saiyans and Bishops on ALL game types
(3) The totally cool floating Referees are removed for better RDF play
(4) The "Double Damage" Leggo II Artifact is removed from the map center

None of these changes affect the four original maps that I left INTACT - you
will only see these changes on the "RDF" meshes.

Actually I did change one teeny, tiny thing that we (the Order of H'Pak) found
long ago (I did in fact while watching a film):

The Saiyan unit could spawn *two heads* when blown apart! LOL!! :D

I have fixed this so now he spawns one regular arm and his gun arm - and only
one head, just as Nature intended. ;)

I've also included the original "Leggo II Arena" Manual (minus some unreadable
garbage outside the html tags). Read it, there's some great stuff in there! :D

Enjoy!! :D



Enhancements (C)2004 Baak'lor Studios (Wayne Alan Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

Tweak History: 2004/02/10 - v1.0 - First Version
2004/04/09 - v1.1 - Added four new meshes (see below)
2004/04/25 - v1.2 - Some final cosmetic adjustments

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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