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=============The Legend of Gor-Ash===============
==========A Solo Scenario from Creation===========

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. What is Legend of Gor-Ash?
:::: 2. Using this Plugin
:::: 3. Story
:::: 4. Units
:::: 5. Meshes description and hints
:::: 6. Credits
:::: 7. Legal
:::: 8. Guys Whose Stuff We Ripped Off
:::: 9. Contact info

:::: What Is Legend of Gor-Ash?

Creation's very first map was a single solo level called "The bre'Unor Attack." In it, the player controlled bre'Unor and wolves, and led an assault on a Human town, fighting warriors, bowmen, berserks, and dwarves. It enjoyed great popularity, getting an estimated 3000 - 4000 downloads from the Mill, Hotline, and Creation's own site.

"The bre'Unor Attack" was revolutionary in that it was the first third party all-new solo map for Myth2. In fact, for over three months it remained the only third-party solo that wasnt a simple conversion of a TFL map. It was not until Murgen's ambitious solo scenario and DeathWhore's "Assassin!" that players had a real option in third-party single player maps.

Now, Creation, armed with a whole new staff, a year of experience, and a driving desire to win the Mill's contest, returns to the concept of bre'Unor Wars. The Legend of Gor-Ash is a 4-level solo that chronicles the wars between the fir'Bolg and the bre'Unor. There are many new units, non-stop action, and some great storytelling.

The story goes that a bre'Unor tribal leader is recounting one of the legends of a time long past to a student of Antero. Since the story has been verbally passed down over many hundreds of years, it is greatly exaggerated. You play through this exaggerated version of events - the practical upshot is that this makes it a lot cooler.

Legend of Gor-Ash (LoGA) is more than just a map. It is an epic. It is not a cheesy Total Conversion either.

It has great nostalgic value for those that have played The bre'Unor Attack (TBA). TBA was a piece of history, the first of its kind. With LoGA, the circle has come full-cycle. In fact, the secret level, "The fir'Bolg Attack," (not counted among the four) is a tribute to the first third-party solo level. In TBA, the player had to ford a river crossing, attack a town, take the town, and defend the town. "The fir'Bolg Attack" parodies this, playing the same set of events using the fir'Bolg against the bre'Unor - Ford that same river, attack the temple, take the temple, and defend the temple.

We thought it would be great to complete this circle of events by bringing third-party solo down to its roots. To this end, we have made LoGA as good as we possibly could in an attempt to give it significance with a win in this important contest. From the pregame presentation to the postgame screens and everything in between, LoGA exceeds all previous standards.

:::: Using This Plugin

To use this plugin, put the file in your plugin folder, and click new game. You do not have to press the shift key as you did in previous maps. The first level will be available for you to play, with the text a green color. Subsequent levels will become available as you advance through the scenario. This works similar to Chimera.

:::: Story

Think of this as a prologue. There is a specific story for each level at the start of each level, explaining the specific circumstances.


The year was 2058. Covenant had been destroyed and the great library razed. Among the most irreplacable works burned in the devastation was the last surviving copy of Forgall's Bestiary. So it was that my master, Antero, sent his students all over the land to gather knowledge for inclusion in Antero's Bestiary. I was assigned to study the bre'Unor, arguably the most dangerous assignment of all.

After observing them in secrecy for several months, I was able to learn their language and culture well enough to communicate with them. When I first revealed myself to them, the Bre'Unor responded violently. However, after having explained my mission as a historian, they hastily settled down and brought me to their camp. Apparently, to the Bre'Unor, history is a sacred tradition, and thus all historians are regarded as holy men. The bre'Unor exist now only as a few nomadic clans each consisting of less than thirty of their kind. However, their oral traditions reveal a more glorious past.

Bre'Unor legend speaks of a time when the bre'Unor roamed the Ermine by their glorious thousands. They were the undisputed masters of the Ermine, and no one dared enter the darkness of the Old Forest. Though these tails abound, the bre'Unor clans guard their stories fiercely. Historians are selected at birth; throughout their lives they are forced to memorize thousands upon thousands of verses to the letter. Apparently, a single mistake in relating a story is punished by death. I witnessed one of these executions during my travels. I will not speak more of this except to say that the method involved wolves ... and bamboo poles. Sadly, having run out of rations, and finding bre'Unor cooking, or rather lack of cooking quite unpalatable, I was forced to leave before winter arrived.

I returned to the Ermine a few years later, in search of Gor-Ash, the leader of the largest of bre'Unor clans and rumored to be the greatest historian his race had to offer. My fir'Bolg guide was clearly nervous as we crossed the Meander, the river seperating the fir'Bolg lands from the bre'Unor. Countless thousands of bre'Unor and fir'Bolg had met their demise along its shores, apprently it ran red as often as clear in ages past. Usually, crossing the Meander results in a quick death at the hands of the Bre'Unor, which unfortunately was the case for my guide. However, the Bre'Unor were somewhat curious at my strange appearence and my ability to speak their language.

I was brought before Gor-Ash where I indulged him with the rich tapestry of human history. I told him of the golden age of Muirthemne and the fall of Ceiscoran. I told him of the Heron Guard's struggle at Bagrada, of the fall of the avatara Cormorant, and the battles on the Plain of Scales. I told of times long past, and memories still fresh in my mind, of half-forgotten childhood stories, and great works of literature. Every single story, tale, and fact that I had ever encountered was extracted from me over the course of five days. Gor-Ash and his holy men listened carefully, intently, and I was asked many times to repeat parts of my tales. At last Gor-Ash was satisfied. "You have greatly empored us with these stories" he said, (though I thought at the time that he meant this in a spiritual sence, I now know that Bre'Unor clans trade tales in exchange for military sevice in times of war, see Chapter 13, section 12) there was a brief silence as Gor-Ash nodded thoughtfully. "Now I shall greatly empower you; here is the greatest of all our tales"

Gor-Ash dismissed all his warriors, leaving me alone with the giant cheifen. The mighty warrior shifted his weight, and in a deep, soft voice he began to tell his tale. "I am not the first Gor-Ash, nor shall I be the last. I am merely a mortal, but innumerable seasons ago, there was a great hero amoung our people who was also called Gor-Ash. This was the first and greatest of the Gor-Ash. Since his death every leader of our clan has taken the name Gor-Ash. Gor-Ash fought many battles and slew many hundreds of heathens. But his greatest battle was his first, the first because the fir'bolg did not yet fear him.

This is the Legend of Gor-Ash"

:::: Units


bre'Unor Warriors
The common warriors of the bre'Unor are strong and savage killers. They have two primary attacks, throwing small, but sharp and damaging bones at the enemy from a distance, or clubbing them to death with a larger bone melee weapon. They are versatile, fast and ferocious. They are the backbone of your army.

Grey Wolves
The Grey Wolves of the Northern Ermine are very fast, but weak. They are decent in numbers against enemy melee, but their real strength lies in their speed. They are best at running down an archer line.

Pack Leader
The Envoy of Nightmares is a huge and vicious wolf that serves the bre'Unor, similar to Chimera's Dream Runner in ability.

bre'Unor Shamen
The body paint, bird-like face masks, bone trinkets, feathers, and dress of the bre'Unor Shamen make them stand out, but the most distinctive feature is the obscene skull on the end of their battle staff. The skull is large and horned, making it an effective weapon for them to use in a melee, hitting and blocking with it, but the real strength of the Shamen lies in their knowledge of lore and raw magical power. The Shamen focus the dark magic of their arcane goddess through their skull-staff, projecting a streak of explosive fire into enemy ranks or healing friendly units with their special ability. Though the warriors may be the backbone of your army, the Shamen are the core of it, often inflicting more damage than all the rest of your troops put together.

bre'Unor Chieftans
The black-clad, dark, tall bre'Unor Warriors are simply the clan leaders, with more vitality and a greater range and attack speed. They usually rack up kills faster than the common warriors and can become death cyclones eventually if you keep them alive.

High Cheiftan
Gor-Tars, the High Cheiftan of the bre'Unor, is second only to Gor-Ash in strength and power. He attacks very fast and can absorb twice the damage of a normal bre'Unor warrior. Gor-Tars has the special ability to heal himself fully three times, but lacks the power to heal others. He stands out due to his dark skin and intimidating size.

Children of bY'laggo
These tree-like behemoths fight for the bre'Unor, and you may know them as Changlings. They aren't that fast, but they are extremely strong and fight better in a melee than any other unit in Legend of Gor-Ash. When they die, they take anyone standing nearby with them.

Death's Right Arm
This model and class of bre'Unor is reserved for one unit: Gor-Ash himself. He doesn't have a special ability, but he is a formidable fighter. Standing well over nine feet tall, Gor-Ash wields a gigantic jawbone of a prehistoric creature long extinct, and uses it to great effect, slaying fir'Bolg right and left in seconds. The bones strapped on to his bandolier are large enough to be used as melee weapons by common warriors, and he throws them far, fast, and deadly accurately. Each causes massive trauma when it strikes. Use Gor-Ash as you would use a preset of several bre'Unor warriors as he is comparable in sheer destructive power, but he is by no means invincible, and if you lose him you lose the war. Check out his quad-horned face mask and gigantic melee weapon!


fir'Bolg Archers
You know them, you love them. Unfortunately, the bre'Unor hate them, and you're playing their side in this. Fighting against a line of these guys is can be hell, as their range and accuracy, reknowned the world over, will decimate your ranks. They have been completely remodeled.

fir'Bolg Marksmen (Blue fir'Bolg)
These fir'Bolg, characterized by their blue vests, will often launch their limited supply of poison arrows into your ranks. Watch for them and take them down quickly, as they are also slightly more effective than their lesser counterparts, with a slightly faster firing rate and more vitality.

fir'Bolg Sergeants (Red fir'Bolg)
Characterized by red vests, these fir'Bolg have a limited supply of fire arrows, and will not hesitate to burn Gor-Ash' temple in their hatred of the bre'Unor race. When not launching their fire arrows, the red fir'Bolg are the finest archers around, tough and able to reload quickly with a faster attack animation. They are leaders among the fir'Bolg.

fir'Bolg Huntsman
Similar to their archer counterparts in appearance, the huntsmen are slightly faster and stronger, and carry a primitive spear or javelin to battle. Their attack rate with the simple thrusting weapon makes them an equal match for a bre'Unor warrior in a melee battle, but they have no other attack and are the basic fodder of the fir'Bolg armies. They have no strategy, other than crushing you with their formidable numbers.

fir'Bolg Mercenaries
With swords and shields, these warriors are more than a match for bre'Unor in a melee. Trained in the villages and smithies of the Free Cities, these far-ranging fir'Bolg adventurers heed the call of he'Rero and have flocked to their Ermine homeland by the dozens - free of charge.

Brown Wolves
Exactly the same as the northern Grey Wolves, the Brown Wolves who inhabit the southern Ermine serve the fir'Bolg and will fight against you.

fir'Bolg General
he'Rero, the fir'Bolg general, sports a spiffy brown vest, and has a lightning bow. He is also the target you must assassinate in the second mission, but with his personal guard of Sergeants and Mercenaries, and his Bow of Furious Incandescence, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Long-time mythical allies of the fir'Bolg, the gryphons are rare but powerful creatures owing allegiance to he'Rero. They are flying melee units, but melee is totally ineffective against them because they hover above their target and swoop down to strike it. You must take them down with projectile attacks. Strong, incredibly fast, and very destructive, the Griffins are the bane of the bre'Unor.


The cute & cuddly herbivores in the Ermine have no idea what's going on and will frequently flee in terror from armies. Fortuntely, they are exceedingly stupid, and the trauma only lasts a few second before they calmly resume grazing. In very rare circumstances, Deer Commandos will arm themselves with detonators and fight for the bre'Unor... If you can figure out the secret.

They float around and get in the way, but it is exceedingly funny when they get blown out of the sky by a Shaman.

Where there's water, you will see these insects buzzing happily around.

One particular group of turtles, present on the last two levels (they had to be taken out of the first level for technical reasons), mills around in and out of the water at the lake. If you try to kill them, may God have mercy on your soul. They love attention.

This is a typo.

:::: Mesh descriptions and hints

01 | Temple Stormed

The fir'Bolg are storming across the Meander. Gor-Ash has decided you are to make a stand at his temple until he can join you.

The Shamen are the key to this level. Use them well and keep them alive. To take down Gryphons, use Children of bY'laggo to distract them while bre'Unor send a hail of throwing bones at them.

02 | Legends Born

Gor-Ash himself has joined you with his consort of Shamen and Chieftens. Use this small band of elite fighters to flank the massive fir'Bolg line and assassinate he'Rero, the fir'Bolg general.

Getting to he'Rero isn't too challenging with the super-units you have, but getting there in time is a different story. You only have a few minutes to get him before the main assault on the temple begins. Just charge your way through the weak resistance, along the eastern route hesitateing for nothing. Attack he'Rero decisively from several directions at once to lower the effectiveness of his lightning bow, run right up to him and slay him with melee attacks.

03 | Widows Mourn

Take your time on this map. Although it would have been realistic to include a time limit, we thought this should focus more on strategy. Get Gor-Tars and his men to the main river crossing to destroy the fir'Bolg as they retreat in bloody chaos.

Be sure to find the reinforcements. Then come up BEHIND the river crossing garrison. If you just go along the riverbank, they will be alerted and it will be much more difficult. Find a way to take them by surprise.

Gor-Ash and his elite force will then reinforce you. Hold the river crossing and butcher the retreating fir'Bolg.

04 | The Ceremony

Just watch the gory conclusion mesh to Legend of Gor-Ash

:::: Credits

Milk Man: Legend of Gor-Ash Concept, writing, flavors
AresĒ: Prologue story, unit & mesh design, level layouts, level scripting
Clem: Colormaps, meshes, scenery, mesh design, pregame tags
Cydonian: New unit modeling and physics, narrations
Doraemon: Music
Sobo: Scenery
TJ: Artwork
Omac: Sound placement, fonts
KillSwitch: Impale Pole Model Conversions, general tag help
Special Thanks To: Forrest, Ferrex, REDDEK, Jenova, BadThrall, Fisj, DeathWhore, The Pope, Soma, SiliconDream

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

:::: Guys Whose Stuff We Ripped Off

The ReAnimator - Griffin and Dragonfly unit
Vista - Butterfly unit
LeadFeather - Turtle unit from "The Borogrove"
DeathWhore - Sky lightning from "Assassin!"
Santa's Head - Lagless fire from WW2: Titans
Soma - Quape (snake) unit. (available publicly on CGHL, but this is its first public appearance)

:::: Contact Info

e-mail ares@creationgames.com or clem@creationgames.com for questions and comments.

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