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Myth III Reincarnations Series
Leagues from Nowhere for Myth III - v1.0 - September 16, 2004

Map originally by Bungie
Reincarnated for Myth III by aqaraza

[note: 03-11-05: after months of sitting on several 'reincarnations' in almost-completed condition, i am releasing them for use regardless of any loose ends that may still exist. they work, and will at least provide some fun games. -aqaraza]

this Reincarnation of Leagues from Nowhere is dedicated to Akuma, who
loved the original and helped with testing for this one.

i have always loved Myth, and always loved the old maps made by Bungie,
Badlands, Vista and others. in learning to use Ballistic, i decided to
study the masters so to speak, and do a few conversions to hone my
texturing skills and get a handle on how maps fit together in Ballistic.
it's good for Myth III to have these classics again, and good for
mapmakers to learn how a well-done map is crafted from the inside out.
in the spirit of Myth's perpetual undead theme, i am calling my own
series of these enhanced conversions: 'Reincarnations'.

the first completed map in my Reincarnations series is Leagues from
Nowhere, created by Bungie as an extra map during Myth II days.

one change made in this map is that the Stampede units are Chickens
instead of [nonexistent in M3] Pigs.


first i will give credits for this Reincarnation, and below that is the
full text of the original Bungie readme.

- Special thanks to the kind folks on the Flying Flip Mapmaking boards
for help and guidance; especially krezrock/fud, Dozer, Samsara, Von
Paulus, and Scorch & others for playtesting in PlayMyth's 'The Forge'
open testing sundays. and of course to the Flying Flip folks for
posting Ballistic tutorials and releasing Ballistic for us!

- aqaraza : 08/31/04

Plugin originally created by Bungie, February 4th, 1999.

From the original Readme:


Leagues from Nowhere takes Myth II gameplay to new heights.

First, ghols are the most numerous infantry units. En masse their cleavers are a force to be reckoned with, and, if you look closely, you may find some rather explosive things for them to pick up and throw. Dwarves also play a big part on Leagues, but be careful--the fickle desert winds can cause unpredictable results when they throw their grenades.

Leagues from Nowhere is quite possibly the most varied multiplayer map ever
created due to the way it changes according to a game's difficulty level. For example, the unit selection in a Timid game is very basic, whereas the unit selection in a Legendary game adds archers, warriors and a warlocks to the mix.
Make sure you try all the game types on all the different difficulty levels to experience every aspect of the map.

Difficulty Level
Timid Simple Normal Heroic Legendary

Ghols 12/16 12/16 12/16 12/16 12/16
Dwarves 4/6 4/6 4/6 4/6 4/6
Thrall 8/16 8/16 8/16 8/16 8/16
Wights 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4 0/4
Journeymen 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1
Archers 4 4 4
Warriors 6 6
Warlocks 1
Detritus Some Lots

Leagues offers the following game types: Body Count, Steal the Bacon, Last Man on the Hill, Scavenger Hunt, Flag Rally, Capture the Flag, Balls on Parade, Territories, Captures, Stampede, and Assassin.

Have fun, and keep tuned to www.bungie.net for details about our next post-
release map!

III. Troubleshooting

If you have any problems with plugins that will not turn off, or if multiplayer games on bungie.net appear red, simply empty your plugins folder, empty your local folder, and trash your preferences folder to remedy the problem.

IV. Credits

Leagues from Nowhere was built with loving care by:

Christopher Barrett
Jaime Griesemer
James Trevett
John W. Scott

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