; Mythgraveyard

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bingie Software Productions Corporation
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Korgath tLP(the long patrol)

some notes about the plugin:
what it does to units:
well, in this plugin, there are many special abilities given to units... this makes things easier in general... but if one of your units that has a lot of power dies, he will most likely take a few friends with him, so Do Not Die!

Units special Quirk
Warior Cleric(heals with magic) none
Heron Guard Cleric(heals with magic) can range heal
Berzerk Cleric(Heals with magic) none

Dwarf Rubbler(throws a large bomb...) Does so on death too:)

Bowman Explosive arrow...nuff said drops flamer on death:)

Journeyman Astral Shovel explodes on death:)

In addition to these changes, i have recycled the summoner obj. (that seems so cliche for myth2) into a mage... as a regular projectile, he hurtles mini fireballs, and as a special, he levels the area around him. He also explodes on death.

All the altered units have more health than usual, but not much. They also keep pace with each other... the way i see it, archers, who are not burdened with 100 pounds of metal armor, should not be slower than the warriors... it was made that way because if they are faster, than one archer can beat scores of warriors, but this is a single player plugin.

there is no change to warlocks, heroes, or enemies(aside from brigands, who share the warrior object.)

If you find any bugs, send a description of them to: Silverblade3@hotmail.com


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