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Well, this isn't really that important to read... but whatever.

This is a hax0red fun version of the stygian. Made for a plug I'm working
on a decided it could make a self-suffienct release by itself.

==To Use==

Place into plugin folders and start a netgame. Then activate it in the
myth plugins chooser and then play a game with a few friends on a map
especially with stygians. Maybe Dead of Winter. Oooo, ahhh, eeee, lot's
of stygians on that one.

For solo just extract tags into a local. It will replace the normal stygian
with my knight O axes that has colorful stuff.


The Knight O Axes just replaces the normal Stygian Knight. Not much in the
looks or unit playability. Just mainly to the effects. Now in melee death knight
dies without falling apart in end. Leaves suit of armor on ground. Arrows do no
damage like usually but make sparks from absorbed hits. Normal melee hit is blood but
there is the random sparked absorb in melee. In death via hard or soft there
is no green gassy spirts that rise up, since this is no longer a real
stygian but more of a human knight.

==Copy Right Information==

Knight O Axes is a third-party plug-in for Myth II: Soulblighter. Copyright
1998 in whole or in part by Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created (in part)
with Fear and Loathing by True Peril (true_peril@hotmail.com). This plug-in is
meant to be distributed and used free-of-charge by owners of the Myth II: Soulblighter game.

-~True Peril~

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