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"Kings Garden - Redux" v1.0 ~ Map by Soma - Mod by Baak

Last Updated: 2005/12/14

Kings Garden is a unique and awesome plugin by Soma with only two drawbacks:

(1) There is no 2-team map
(2) The FFA-4 map has a LOT of units when playing with few players

So... spurred on by a partial suggestion by Destroyer, I've rebuilt it as so:

* I've added a 2-team map called "KingsGarden (2-Team)" that is identical
to the original FFA-4 map with two corners removed, plus the addition of
Capture the Flag flags.

* I've added a mod of the FFA-4 map called "KingsGarden (Half Units)" with
roughly half the units on each team (this was Destroyer's suggestion).

* I've left the original "KingsGarden" FFA-4 map is intact.

Enjoy!! :D

You can contact me via the Order of H'Pak Forums:

I've also included the original readme text here:

------ START ORIGINAL README: ------------------------------------------------

"Kings Garden" Net-Map by Soma

"Kings Garden" a large 4 team multiplayer map, set in a wonderful created
landscape. Every team has up to 50 units to control so it is recomend to play
this map in team with someone. The map contains many paths, different hills and
advanced places. The evelation is carefuly thought through and its, i think, an
interesting battlefield for good "multi" team games. Please note: This that was
one of my first maps i've done long time ago and i posted it to get some
feedback about the map.

Have fun! :)

About this Map:

KG offers the following game types:

- Body Count
- Last Man On The Hill
- King Of The Hill
- Territories
- Assassin
- Captures
- Balls On Parade
- Steal The Bacon
- Hunting

4 Starting Locations


-1 Warlocks (2/tr)
-16 Warriors (8/tr)
-8 Berserks
-4 Archers (8/tra)
-8 Dwarves (4/tra)
-4 Heron Guards (10/tra)
-8 Soulless (6/tra)
-0 Trow (2/tra)

Difficult level:



Just copy the file "KingsGarden" into your "Plugins" folder in your MythII
directory. When you start a multiplayer game of Myth II, "KingsGarden" will
show up in the list of available maps in the multiplayer game options dialog.


If you have any problems with plugins that will not turn off, or if multi-
player games on bungie.net appear red, simply empty your local folder based
in the mythII folder, and trash your preferences folder to remedy the problem.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by : >Soma<, ph.urlich@swissworld.com

------ END ORIGINAL README: --------------------------------------------------


Original Map (C)1998 by Soma.
Changes (C)2005 Baak'lor Studios (W. Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial (i.e. not-for-profit) media
but you must include this unaltered readme file with it at all times. You are
not given permission to post this plugin on for-profit media of any kind.

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