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Killer Hawks 1.0b1

Made by Erik Ljungdahl.
If you wanęt to use this unit in any of your maps, please ask me first.


What the hell is this?
This is a plug in for Bungies Myth || Soulblighter™ that gives you a new unit called Killer Hawk.

Ok, but how do I install it?
If you have downloaded this you really should know. If you donęt, drop me a mail.

How do I use it?
Just take a map, one of your own or a bungie made and add the Killer Hawk as a unit and place it on the map.
(Remember to change the Z (height) in the unit pop up to at least 3.000.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you have found a bug, send an e-mail to "erik@ljungdahl.se".

You are using this material on your own risk. Donęt even think of blaming me if anything goes wrong.

This material is not in anyway related to Bungie software. Myth || Soulblighter is a trademark registered to Bungie Software.

© 99 Erik Ljungdahl, erik@ljungdahl.se

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