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Kildaer's Arboretum Documentation:

Kildaer is one of the baron names in Myth 2. The map was designed to be part of the baron's keep, so I needed a name that suited it. "Kildaer's Arboretum" seemed to work.

Kildaer's Arboretum v1.0 was released 9/5/01, after f*cking around with the M*i*l*l. The M*i*l*l deleted this plugin the first time I uploaded it because I used the word "C*r*e*a*t*i*o*n" too many times. Somebody has their chin stuck in the clouds. To make sure this won't be deleted again (uploading this twice on a 28.8 isn't my idea of *cool*) I've replaced their names with non-offensive terms and deleted the suggestion to visit their website I once used.

General Notes:

VRPP (from Myth:TFL) was a cool map, but the only Myth 2 port of it didn't quite do it justice. Rather than doing another port I decided to strike out on my own. Thus the plan for this map was to create a *new* map in the spirit of the old. Lots of water, lots of BOOM, and that loveable pool toy. ;-)

I started this map several months ago, and always had something get in the way of its completion. The largest hurdle was forcing myself to put more than a few hours attention into the colormap. It's not the best, but I think it finally ranks above average. The majority of the map was completed in the last week, spurred by *some guy* releasing some of his textures and by my (finally) reading *another guy's* texture tutorial.

Thanks to:

Many thanks to Badlands and *them* for most of the scenery found in this plugin. Great stuff that really kinda puts the Bungie scenery to shame. Thanks also to whoever in VR that created the pool toy.

On Unit Trades (Meshes):

VRPP made use of the Dwarven Pathfinder from Myth: TFL. While his special airstrike ability was great fun, I often felt his superb aim a tad too much for balance. I would have much much happier with Dwarven Heroes, which ask that players at least dance a bit. The "pool party" mesh here (hopefully) allows a little more freedom with the unit selection.


I'm honestly not sure if this map is indoors or not. At least, that's my excuse for allowing rain on the Dwarf Riot mesh. Blow stuff up good. ;-)


I threw a couple of my favorite artifacts on the 2 team meshes at the legendary setting. Shouldn't matter much at all for play balance, but they're always fun to try and get.

Specific Mesh info: (Unit given/max/trade value)

Kildaer's Pool Party (15 starts)

Dwarf 0/8/6
Dwarf Hero 3/6/8
Dwarf Pathfinder 2/4/12
Thrall 12/16/1
Wights 2/2/3

All dwarves are assassin targets.

Kildaer's Arboretum
Ghols 2/6/2
Bowmen 4/6/3
Dwarves 1/3/6
Warriors 4/8/2
Stygian Knights 4/8/3
Thrall 12/16/1
Journeymen 1/2/6
Wights 1/-/3

Stampede unit: ghasts 6/12/1
Assassin unit: baron 1/-/2

Kildaer's Arboretum (2 Team)
Trow 2/3/24
Soulless 12/24/3
Dwarf Heroes 3/12/8
Fetch 4/6/6
Warlocks 2/6/8
Heron Guards 18/27/3
Maul 12/18/4
Ghols 0/8/2
Wights 2/-/3

Stampede unit: Deceiver 1/-/24
Assassin unit: Shiver 1/-/24

Kildaer's Arboretum (Al vs. SB)
Warlocks 3/6/8
Myrkridia 12/18/4
Maul 18/24/4

(Light only)
Alric 1/-/24
Bowmen 12/24/3
Heron Gaurds 18/27/3
Dwarven Mortars 3/6/8

(Dark Only)
Soulblighter 1/-/24
Soulless 12/24/3
Stygian Knights 18/27/3
Fetch 4/6/8

Stampede unit: wolves 16/-/3
Assassin unit: Deceiver 1/-/24

Kildaer's Arboretum v1.0 Credits:


Created by Jason Beach (Stinger) using Bungie's Fear & Loathing, Amber, Tag
Extractor, Photoshop, Bartok, tagedit, and Graphic Converter.

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