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DontReadMe.txt8"h8"tlTEXTttxtx}Y~The Keljorian Knights are animated by the same means as the Stygian Knights, but with one major difference. The Stygian was created to be an unthinking, unfeeling killing machine. The Keljorian was created to be a gaurdian, putting itself in harms way, so that its charges would be safe. There are many tales of these benevolent creatures protecting villages from harm, fighting off 
entire hordes of undead terror, and never yielding until its last spark of life.

The Keljorian Knight uses the Balor model from Myth TFL, but will be a totaly new unit to those of you who have only played Myth2. The Knight is invulnrable to arrows or soulless spears, and resists lighting attacks, but will take alot of damage from explosives. A single Dwarf bottle will often take out a Knight with full life. Knights have a single use secondary attack; the Keljorian Lightning. The Knight will attack its target, and bolts of lighting will shoot through its victim and anyone nearby. It will kill Archers or Ghl in a single blow, and will cause significant damage to other units. the only drawback to this attack is that the Knight itself will take some damage, and any of your own units in range will be hurt as well. In a one on one melee battle, the K-Knight will beat thrall, warrs, and stygies, and can give a zerk or kyrd a pretty good fight.

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Thanks to:
Rama, Mazrim Taim, Macros, Lews Therin, and Giant, for beta testing.
Clan Idiot, for being the coolest order in the world. IDIOTS ROCK!
Bungie, for makeing this awsome game
Apple, for making the great imac that Im typing on right now

Legal Garbage
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear by Caleb Hutchins (Demosthenes)
2HnJg <,J~gV nCh""=jh0.H2.Hj=@l <\g"JgU l/(/,Hlp xNTOJ.2g < \gAC `pUY0.Hr//,hl=_UY0.Hr//,hl=_UY0.Hr//,hl=_UY0.Hr~  :  D    ?  v            
    /  4  l  z  {   2L; 2styl

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