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June 22, 1999
1998-99 Ken Hodgman (Mormith)

Keep Across the River

Keep Across the River was originally a Myth TFL 3rd party map. If memory serves, it was the second big two team 3rd party map made available. After much time and taunting, I've ported it to Myth II. While it might look similar, it's had many many small adjustments. I've gone to great lengths to make it as close as possible to the original but with some changes to the Myth engine and game itself, some things will be a little different (see below.) Aside from that, it's the same old map.

What's included:
Myth TFL:
All original variants restored. However, since there is no Myrmidon (for TFL-Dark) or Forest Giant (for TFL-Max) in Myth II, they had to be implemented. Many many thanks to Nekricide for allowing me to use his Myrmidon conversion (which can be found at the Mill.) I converted and enhanced the Forest Giant. It has all new sprites and is fairly similar to the old one in looks. My goal was to make one that would fit in smoothly with the Myth II engine and type of game play it offers. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Myth II:
Two variants. They have been revised several times for unit selection and balance. Since no one said a peep about them in the last beta, I'm assuming they work out well (but you know what assuming can get you:)

While I realize that some people will want to get down and dirty with this map asap, I'm guessing there are some people out there like me that are curious about what goes into making a map or what goes on in the mind of a map maker. So I've included some scans of my original concepts and sketches for Keep Across the River.

1. My original ideas on making a large two team map.

2. Once I settled on a direction to go. I started to work out some of the details.

3. Some of my unit selections on a Light vs Dark version that never saw the light of day. I couldn't make it equal for both sides.

Note #1: If you want to use any of the parts of this plugin for something you are making (everything but the Myrmidon which is Nekricide's), drop me a line. Or if you want to comment or ask a question, email me. Mormith aka Ken Hodgman. (khodgman@cybergate.net)

Note #2: I'd like to thank a bunch of people.
Vodi! Without his amazing program "Amber", I couldn't have made the new sprites. Thank you Vodi.
Nekricide! Without his Myrmidon I'd have had to make one myself. Thank you Nekricide.
Butcher, Dark Angel, Electrofryer, Omac, Renwood, Scooter and Zor Prime for their interest and input that helped a lot. Thank you all.

Legal Stuff:
All appropriate graphics (C) 1997, 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of this Plugin made with Fear and/or Loathing (C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Hope you like it!
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