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Thank You for downloading this MythII Plugin, I hope you enjoy it!

Map Makers Notes>>>
My intentions here were too extend the 3rd dimention of the 3d capability of the Myth engine. I think you will be surprised at how fun and exciting this element adds to the WWII conversions of MythII. Yes, the cieling is very low at the edges (or top level desert). I did not expect major skirmishes to occur here although they might. I set optimum visual ability to units on the middle tiers of the canyon walls. Units on the canyon bottom cannot see the rim too well...deal with it...the strategic locations are not down there anyway. This is, I hope, the Mill release version. Happy nading!

Fixes n Bugs>>>
new release V2.1: Wolves are Red (see my Dossier at s site.) Removed some ammo...added smoke nades. Added taller grass along the streambed. Decreased fog density in S4. Changed troop levels in 2 Team (16-24) and 4 Team (8-20)...Flaks, MGs and Tanks in Ledgendary ONLY. Squirrels in the S4:::watch out::: Trading in S4...No trading in S2 or Patrol. Damn overhead still has tiny holes oh well...Fixed pregame fire on s2/s4 hunting. Fixed all ungettable weapons (yea sure...)
Moved Titles in pregame pictures

release version f2: Better colors on overhead. Fixed Assasin on patrol mesh. Put a time delay and a little surprise in stampede. Added a scavenger hunt game type to Patrol and 4 Team meshes. Moved camera further from edge wall. Changed lighting sceme Patrol is high noon, 2 Team is late afternoon and 4 Team is desert rainstorm. Changed global tint a little.

finalbeta: Fixed overhead map, fixed stampede and assasin. Note: chose to have one soldier in stampede be a stampede creature rather than have an extra soldier be target in assasin. Fixed missing rpgs in one patrol location. 2 TEAM is now no trading with unit amounts/types based on difficulty level. 4 TEAM is now with unit trading and no change to unit amounts(weapons change tho) for difficulty level until Heroic where I added Tanks. Fixed camera so in 99% of situations you can't see over outer wall. Added fog to rain in 4 TEAM. Got rid of map shadows in Patrol...Its high noon boys an the desert is HOT! Added long shadows to the 2 TEAM mesh. Added "The Desert Fox" pic and title to 2 TEAM. Added "Rat Patrol Pic and Title to 4 TEAM.

beta2: The Colormap is right with 240 indexed color and edge height was raised to 10(highest). Some ammo was moved so it can be picked up. Some routes on the walls were modified for fairness. Bop should work. But....still can't get the stampede flag to work right and need help on the stampede unit delay action. Dont complain about armor stuck on the bottom or on top because that is the reality...no close tank dances in this one.

Historical Noes>>>
The Kasserine Pass in Tunisia was America's baptism by fire in WWII. It took place February 14 - 25, 1943 in the rugged desert of the Memetcha Mountains 150 mi west of Gafsa, Tunisia. The Germans, under Rommel, had advanced into the area with marked success againt the green Americans. By the time General Fredendall of the US First Armord Division organized a counter-offensive, the desert fox was gone. Fredendall was soon replaced by a tough war college instructor named Patton and the rest is history. For further Information on the campaigns in North Africa during WWII see:

beta testing Acknowledgements>>>
Thanks to all of Omega Squadron for testing and especially Doze for his patience with my questions and also to Ozone for same.
Thanks to GZ for support testing and comments...Particularly Apoc and Beat.
Thanks to Ra for making me switch back to Dozer's mountain_ lake(swampy acres) for enjoyment of the game.
Thanks to Santas Head for providing the conversion


Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: BuZzhead
Titans Units Copyright 1999 Santas Head(Craig Goodman)
Please ask to use all or part of this mesh: e-mail me at buzzhead@jps.net Thank you.

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