; Mythgraveyard

	I would first like to say that this map was created by Santa's Head.  Someone with a wealth of talent & knowledge in Myth map making.  I spent many long hard frustrating bug infested hours just adding various options to this map, and I can only sit in awe at the intelligence & dedication it must have taken to have created it from scratch.  Santa you absolutely ROCK!

Next id like to give a big thanks to all those who supported and help test this project. You were all a great help and without you I could never have gotten through it. To show my appreciation I have honored many of you by naming various soldiers after you. Once again thanks.

This is the same Recon map we all play & love with a few addons. The only difference is I have added all of the non WWII games to the map. You can now play Stampede, Scavenger Hunt, Flag Rally, and Hunting on the Recon map. I hope that everyone enjoys what IÕve done to it and I hope to be battling all of you on this map sometime soon. Till then GL & HF!  ½  KILL  ½ .......................

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