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-----> Notes <-----

After getting fairly decent at detail texturing levels, I started detail texturing The Fallen Levels, as I wasn't sure if anyone else was going to do it. I later heard that Magma was planning to do it. After many months, I heard Magma's plans were not moving forwards, and asked if I could be of some help. After a hint that they might use my detail textures, I kicked back into gear.

However much longer later, I am "finished." I am using quotation marks, as I know there are bound to be issues with this, and I plan to update it, to fix them.

-----> Content <-----

This Add-on covers these maps:

The Fallen Levels:
- Training Map
- Crow's Bridge
- A Traitor's Grave
- The Siege of Madrigal
- Homecoming
- Flight From Covenant
- Force Ten from Stoneheim
- Bragada
- Ambush at Devil's Overlook
- The Five Champions
- Out of the Barrier
- Silvermines
- Shadow of the Mountain
- Seven Gates
- Forest Heart
- Heart of the Stone
- The Smiths of Muirthemne
- Sons of Myrgard
- A Long Awaited Party
- The Road North
- Across the Gjol
- The Watcher
- River of Blood
- Pools of Iron
- The Last Battle
- The Great Devoid

Project Magma's TFL Multipack:
- If I Had a Trow
- Mudpit Massacre
- Ground Zero
- I'll Dance on Your Grave
- For Carnage Apply Within
- Creep on the Borderlands
- Rest in Pieces
- Death in the Fire Marsh
- Keep Across the River
- Appalachain Hot Springs
- A Vivid Struggle

- The Healer
- The Warrior
- The Mage
- The Archer
- The Messenger
- The Baron
- The Chimera
- The Fiend
- Fosgarach Ruillick

Bungie PRASP maps
- Going to Town
- Cryptic Wightings
- Leagues from Nowhere
- Phoenix Rising
- Boil and Bubble

-----> Installation <-----

Just put this plugin in your plugins folder and load up any of the above mentioned maps.

-----> Credits <-----

Bungie - For making Myth and Myth II.
Project Magma - For keeping myth still breathing in this day and age, also for Oak, and the original Magma - Bungie Map Textures.
Mariusnet - For without you, there'd be nowhere to play
ʵDogs for giving me hope.
Jon God - For making this plugin, making almost all the dtex used, and all the dmaps.
The testers, Steel Axe, LegacyTyphoon, Fobo, Melekor, Pyro, Graydon, and A bunch of others.

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