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Plugin Name: "I wish I had more" Plugs 
Created by: vinylrake
Version 0.9.1 release date: 11/11/2004

The "I Wish I Had More ____" plugins give you more of the units your little heart desires.

These plugins are designed solely for multiplayer/ffa/net games.

There are no new units in these plugins, and almost no modified units. All these plugins do is convert one bungie-standard unit into another bungie-standard unit.

On multiplayer maps each plugin converts ALL the normal units to the unit(set) named in the plugin (e.g. "IwihmArchers" aka "I wish I had more Archers", converts ALL normal player units into archers).

The plugins so far, are;

IwihmArchers: Converts all player units into archers
IwihmDorfs: Converts all player units into dorfs (Dwarves)
IwihmSlugFest: Converts all player units into dorfs, thrall and journeymen
IwihmWights: Converts all player units into wights.


1) Units designated as stampede units or as assassin targets (when not a "regular" player unit) are left as they were, i.e. they are not replaced. Ex. If you play Stampede on a map with pigs as the stampede units, and you use the IwihmDorfs plugin the pigs will still be pigs, but all your other units will be dwarves.

2) Because games with all wights were excrutiatingly slow, I speeded up the wights to about the speed of a journeyman. Now you can watch those wights zip around the map at journeyman speed! Also, just to make things ever so slightly more challenging a few of the units on each team will be converted to "Wight Assassins". These Wight Assassins are slightly faster than normal wights and are invisible on the overhead map.

Note on Solo play:
Some solo maps _may_ work with this unit set, but many if not most or all will not. If you find one that doesn't work, that's ok, you don't need to email to tell me. While using these plugins on solo levels can result in wacky and hilarious hijinks (try playing The Wall with only wights, or The Great Library with only dwarves) these replacement unit plgins are NOT intended for solo play.

Thanks to Baak for providing me with the "Complete Idiot's Guide to replacing Units" without which these plugins never would have been completed. [Please don't hold him responsible for these plugins, he had no idea I would be working on such newbie (i.e. lemur) plugins.]

These plugins made using Fear (thanks Bungie!).

contact: vinylrake@yahoo.com http://mything.org

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