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If only I had a Parrot:

I started on the map at the same time I published Beyond the Reefs, but a wave of work placed the project at a side. I went back to it a few weeks ago, and accelerated the release especially after reading that abandoned projects post on the web, and the feeling that Myth II was still beating fast on the heart of many.

I couldn't have done this without the generosity of Cydonian, who let me use his more than awesome "Pirates of the Caribbean" units, or without the fantastic Petard dwarf of Wellington.

I have to thank also Clem, because without his tips the map would look as bad as the version I did for Beyond the Reefs. And although it is not as good as I know many would demand of a Myth II map, I hope it covers the minimum expectations.

I don't have friends who play Myth II, so I couldn't test it. And I run a PC, so I'm sorry if there's no pre-game story or the artifacts have strange shapes when selected…this is because I cannot create new collections with a PC and I can only copy existing ones.
But there's a Story that would help you understand the objective and play better in a word format…

I hope the map is fun to play.

I know there could be great improvements made, but as an amateur computer guy, and with little time to sit on the machine, I think that I reached the top of the energy I could dedicate to this project, unless new feedback gives me that extra thrill.

I would love to have constructive feedback on it, so please tell me whatever you think could be done to perfection it.

Thanks to all of you Myth players, without the fun of knowing you could play on this, I wouldn't have done it.

Carlinho. 4/8/02

1. To play place the plugin folder in the Plugins Folder of Myth II Soulblighter.
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