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If It Doesn't Move, Kill It! II
by Drunk Bob of Hexographica
September 23, 2000

**** This plugin is designed for use with Myth II: Soulblighter ****


I. Plugin Information
II. Installation and Activation
III. Map Information
A. The Story...
B. Meshes
i. If It Doesn't Move... Kill It
ii. If It Doesn't Move... (Dark)
iii. If It Doesn't Move... (Hexo)
iv. If It Doesn't Move... (Bushido)
C. Map Features
IV. The Creator
V. Special Thanks
VI. Copyright Information


Title : If It Doesn't Move... Kill It! II v1.0
Filename : IfItDoesntMoveII.zip
Plugin Name : IfItDoesntMove2_v1.0
Author : Drunk Bob (Brendan Rehon)
Email Address : bobert@hexographica.com
Website : http://www.hexographica.com/myth
Description : This map plugin allows for use of the
map Warlords with Myth II: Soulblighter.
It requires the Hexotagset v2.0 to operate.


Unzip the file 'IfItDoesntMoveII.zip' using either Winzip or Stuffit Expander. Next place the file 'IfItDoesntMoveII' in the Myth2_SB\plugins\ directory. To activate the plugin, run the program 'Myth II.exe' and select 'Multiplayer' from the options screen. Then host a game via TCP/IP or on bungie.net. While on the host options screen, select 'Plugins...'. If you wish to play the "Hexo" mesh of Kill It, select the plugin 'Hexotagset 2.0' and click the right arrow button to move it to the 'Active' list, then select 'OK'. If you wish to play the Bushido mesh, select the plugin 'Bushido-Units' and follow the above procedure. Finish by selecting the remaining game options. You are now ready to play.



Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Stu. He liked yummy things, so he bought a cookie at the local Cookie Barn. But this wasn't any ordinary chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookie, this was a possessed cookie named Phil.

Phil didn't really feel like getting eaten today, so he started to talk to Stu:

"Stu, don't eat me, for I am a magical cookie with magical powers. I suggest you instead go to the Scary Swamp at nightfall. You don't want to eat a magical cookie that talks, because that's not very nice. Plus, I'm a little burnt."

Stu was a bit stunned, because the local Cookie Barn never burns their cookies. Still, he stuffed his disbelief into some deep dark place, and trotted to the Scary Swamp.

He eventually got to the Scary Swamp many hours later, exhausted from the thirty seven mile hike to there. The cookie began to speak once more:

"Sit on those rocks over there, Stu."

So he did. Unfortunately, these were sentient rocks with fiercesome telekinetic powers. Thus these rocks, despite being completely immobile, tore Stu asunder with deadly psychic beams of death.

There are two morals of this story.

First, never ever trust a smart cookie.

And, more importantly, if it doesn't move, kill it.


NOTE: Every mesh is explained in great detail using the 'hints' feature ingame. When ingame, click on the single player objectives button on the upper tool bar, and then click the "level hints" tab. Flip through the hints to completely understand the assassin units, stampede situation, difficulty level changes, etc.

i) If It Doesn't Move... Kill It!; If It Doesn't Move... Kill It! 4 Start

Number of Teams : 5; 4
Tradable Units: Bowmen 4/6
Warriors 4/8
Thrall 8/10
Stygian Knights 4/8
Dwarves 2/3
Ghols 2/6
Journeymen 1/2

Bonus Units: Two Wights

ii) If It Doesn't Move... (Dark); If It Doesn't Move... (Dark) 4 Start

Number of Teams : 5; 4
Tradable Units: Bowmen 5/8
Warriors 10/16
Mauls 6/8
Beserks 3/6
Dwarven Heroes 1/2
Fetch 1/2

Bonus Units: Two Wights

Legendary: One Warlock of Fire

iii) If It Doesn't Move... (Hexo)
Requires Hexotagset2 plugin to be active
Number of Teams : 4
Tradable Units: Bowmen 6/10
Warriors 6/10
Heavy Cavalry 3/6
Pikemen 7/10
Dwarven Heroes 1/2
Ghols 3/6
Journeymen 1/2
Griffins 1/1

Bonus Units: Two Wights

iv) If It Doesn't Move... (Bushido)
Requires Bushido-Units plugin to be active
Number of Teams : 4
Tradable Units: Bowmen 5/8
Sam. Swordsmen 7/12
Sam. Bowmen 1/3
Elementalists 1/2
Warrior Monks 8/16
Rocket Mortars 1/2
Oni 1/1

Bonus Units: Two Standard Bearers (arr)
Legendary: One Bipp'tu Assassin (explained in in-game hints)


If It Doesn't Move... Kill It! II is a free for all map, in a nighttime setting. This is a remake of the old Kill It map by the same author (DrunkBob), with a new color map and water height tweaks. It features some new trees based off the new scenery used in Warlords (by Chikatilo), but now as a pink tea tree. It also has waterfalls, and plenty of water for submerging wights and thrall. There are so many little changes to enhance game play that it features a in-game hints system to keep track of it all. Go to the MESHES section to find how to use it.


DrunkBob (Brendan Rehon): This is Bob's map, so, uh, yeah.

Fear me.


A special thanks to all my original beta testers for the first Kill It and for the second reincarnation: Tino, Ripp, kentaro, RWarden, Tribunal, Nosfaekil, Attaboy Skip!, Periodic, Chia, all the Creation folks (especially Tom Servo, and Cydonian), Carbon, Lemming Lord, Minute Man, Acrappa, Active X, WightMeat, Hungry Ghol, Pooka, Joshstar, B Sharp, Rhodry, Tessio, Thrill Killer, Cult, Harpua, Talisman, m0bitz, Gothmog, and former fellow members Lemur Lord and BadThrall. Again, thanks to Creation for allowing me to use their Bushido units on my map, and hax0ring a tengu. Also, thanks to my fellow compatriots at Hexographica for encouragement and most of the testing for the second version. And a big thanks to everyone I missed here, and you know who you are.


This software is Copyright (c)1999, 2000, All Rights Reserved. Hexographica. The members of Hexographica recognize the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie"). All appropriate software and graphics Copyright (c)1996-2000, All Right Reserved.
Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the
software made with Bungie licensed tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use
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