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If I Had a Fetch... (RF) v1.0
A map by RibFeast áriblimeá
Riblime Mapmaking Group

So basically this is pretty self explanatory. Re-worked Myth II trow Cmap, with the Myth: TFL displacement map serving as the landscape. Although they're almost identical, I didn't want much if any difference felt in the displacement, so I kept TFL.

This plugin is vTFL optimized, which means it works flawlessly with vTFL mode so kindly created by Project Magma. It will prompt you each time you put it in vTFL mode, simply select "Full TFL" from the dialogue. This could be fixed so no dialogue would come up, but it would take some hex editing, and a lot more questions, and I didn't really feel the need was there.

Anything and everything in this plugin is ©ĘBungie Software. I give any and all credit to them, with some side notes.

EvilZen- conceived the plugin and contacted me to have it created
Sublime- testing
Graydon- testing
Kru- testing
Grahf- testing
Meezer- testing
Ensabuhnur- testing
Iron and all the folks over at magma, for answering my vTFL questions, and their tireless efforts to better the Myth community.

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