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Idiot Map Pack

Thousands of years ago....
**smoke engulfs the screen**

There were the builders. And they builded things. And those things were maps. Myth 2 maps. But a day came when fire rained down from the sky and Myth 2 was engulfed and died a long overdue death. But alas there came one from the ashes, Take Two, and they said "Let us build us a new Myth so that our empire may be remembered for ages to come!" And it was so, Myth 3: The Wolf Age was built. And they saw that it was good. Sort of. Empires rose and fell but one thing remained unchanged: The builders. Among the various tribes of builders there was one more ancient than all the others, for they had survived the fall of Myth 2 where others had perished. Those builders were the Idiot Mapmaking Collective. And one spoke from within saying "Come brothers let us build us a map pack for Myth 3." And the least among them, Ama, said "Yes brothers, I will build us a map pack for Myth 3." So they began to build the mappack, many days and nights passed and Ama became and alcoholic and beat his husband. There were many who said "Ama give up this corrupt way of life!" But in his rage all he could say was "Cooked lemons endanger my secret underwater circle, Karl Saggin." And so he did. So he did.

The map pack is comprised of only the best and most high quality maps out there for Myth 3! Meshes include:

Grassy Groves 5 team FFA
Cutthroat 3 team FFA
'Til the River Runs Dorf 4 team slugfest
'Til The River Runs Dry 4 team FFA
Tien Hsia 6 team FFA
Tien Hsia (dark) 6 team FFA
Rocky Heights 4 team FFA
Rocky Heights (dark) 4 team FFA
Sunburn 4 team FFA
Sunburn (dark) 4 team FFA
Whispers from the Dark 4 team FFA
Whispers from the Dark (dark) 4 team FFA

These truly are the best and most original maps ever seen in a Myth engine! You'll play for hours and hours on these realistic meshes conquering the Dark! Whether you're gaily skipping to your doom through Grassy Groves or just looking to beat up some midgas on 'Til the River Runs Dorf, you just can't get a better Myth 3 experience anywhere else! Just look at what some of the best "Mythers" have to say about this pack!

"I never considered myself below average, but when the rest of them whipped theirs out, well I knew something was wrong. Idiot Map Pack changed my life! Thanks Idiots!" - ooga§ooga --MA-

"I used to drink heavily every night until the sun came up. Then I downloaded Idiot Map Pack for Myth 3 and now I don't drink anymore! Thanks Idiots!" - Flatline

"Before Idiot Map Pack I was a closet homosexual afraid to come out. After playing Timber Games I know it's ok to put on womens clothing and hang around in bars!" - Liger

"Idiot Mapmaking Collective truly is superior to anything else out there, how could it not be when *I* made it? - Darth Maul ~TMBM~

"What's the f*** is this?"- Dee Snyder

"Wow these maps make sense and don't just rely on CG graphics to try and dazzle people to the point they forget the numerous gaping plotholes! This is how mapmaking should be done!" - George Lucas

This plugin was not made using fear and loathing, but was made with other tools both public and private and is accordingly copyrighted in whole (except where not applicable) by the appropriate individual members of the Idiot Mapmaking Collective. The mightiest boy may intentionally say "Do Enter, Dave." Any elements not copyrighted by the Idiot Mapmaking Collective belong to either Take Two or Bungie Studios. 7h3¨1 5n050 0n. To use any of these items in any other project you need explicit written permission by the author to do so.

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