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Read me map(wwpf)^8"	G	^8"	G	Fk	I	^	H6TEXTttxtG`\GWill Work Pfhor Food
(the Map) Final Release Version 1.1
(1.0 internal build)
Compiled June 9th 1999.

Two meshes - Will Work Pfhor Food (2-Team)
Carnage For Sale, Cheap (S-4)

Produced and Finalized by Vista and Tom Pratchios
Original Concepts/Shapes Creation (Project Evil): Randall Shaw (Frigid Man)
Wicked Devlin 3D Model: Chuck
Spooky Awesome Sound Effects (Project Evil): Johnny
Original Marathon Graphics: Bungie Software Products Corporation
Original Marathon Sounds: BSPC
Original Marathon Artwork: Craig Mullins (Badass extraordinare)
Original Badass Game Company: BSPC
Fear, Loathing and more: BSPC
Amber2: Vodi (Hans Birkeland)
Will Work Pfhor Food (map): ELectrofyer/Tom Pratchios
Original Sprite Conversion: El Bastard and Electrofyer (Chrille Blomqvist)
Final Sprites: Tom Pratchios
Sound Conversion: El Bastard and Halycon
Tag Creation: El Bastard
Additional Tags: Ferrex, Dead (Tyson Green), Khaavren (Corin Howland)
Many Thanks: My loving wife for her patience, support and two beautiful kids. Uncle Sam for an income tax refund large enough to subsidize a G3. Ripp for additional support through my nervous breakdown. Fisj for cleaning up my texture mess (no, I still don't do my own color maps ;) Eli for making real the marathon dream with his scripting goodness. Vista for their support, testing, feedback, and friendship...2 PreferencesAcrobat Reader PrefsPREFCARO:R/: Acrobat Weblink PrefsPREFCARO*0$$  ..2 iQ(2styl

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