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I'll S'pht On Your Grave 
(the Tagset) 1.1b1
Compiled April 25th 1999.

What's been addressed....
Marines no longer are in paintball mode - I know that will be missed by some, but...
Juggs and S'pht'Kr have larger pathfinding radii.
Juggs now maintain height via the object tag - not the collection.
Trooper Grenade Quasi fixed.
Simulacra (plural of simulacrum) now really do damage :) (more than before)
Devlin Trading cost compensated.
Juggs more susceptable to a certain kind of damage (telling would ruin the fun! ;)
A couple of projectiles were doing low damage due to an improper flag setting...

I think that's it phfor now, but I'll be triple checking things this time around to ensure that everything is 100% finalized.


How this works...

This tagset is a plugin which contains no meshes. To use the ISOYG tags, this plugin must be in your plugins folder, and selected 'active' via the options menu of the host. The maps which are being released utilize the activated tags and allow the circle of carnage to be completed. The advantages are.... 1) You won't have to download the 5 meg worth of units, etc every time a new map is released. 2) This plugin won't even mess with Myth II's default tags in the least. Trust me - I've busted my ass to ensure that. 3) I say you like it - you like it... understand? Good. =)

While the recent screenshots were taken on the map - Frog Blast the Ventcore, that map itself isn't quite ready for release - however ISOYG the map - is. vista.theresistance.net/isoyg is the best place to look for upcoming maps and current releases that utilize the isoyg tagset. Even though this is a finished product, I'd expect all feedback, corrections, ideas, bribes, job offers, and bug reports to be sent to me (El_Bastard@mindspring.com).

Further Legalise...

Parts of this plugin were created using Fear and Loathing ©1998 by Bungie Software Products Corporation (BSPC). All unit collections were created using Amber 2 (look for it really soonª) ©1999 Hans Birkeland (inc.?) =) You'll love it - you'll want more! And without further ado - here's the remaining credits, and a gratuitous mentioning of my favorite ranked harlot... =)

Produced and Finalized by Vista and Tom Pratchios
Original Concepts/Shapes Creation (Project Evil): Randall Shaw (Frigid Man)
Wicked Devlin 3D Model: Chuck
Spooky Awesome Sound Effects (Project Evil): Johnny
Original Marathon Graphics: Bungie Software Products Corporation
Original Marathon Sounds: BSPC
Original Badass Game Company: BSPC
Fear, Loathing and more: BSPC
Amber2: Vodi (Hans Birkeland)
House of Pain: Ripp a.k.a. Havok-ise-Sumi (Walter Russell)
'Froggie': Halcyon
I'll S'pht On Your Grave (map): Tom Pratchios
Texturing God: Fisj (Paul Callender)
Original Sprite Conversion: El Bastard and Electrofyer (Chrille Blomqvist)
Final Sprites: Tom Pratchios
Sound Conversion: El Bastard and Halycon
Tag Creation: El Bastard
Additional Tags: Ferrex, Dead (Tyson Green), Khaavren (Corin Howland)
Vidmaster Scripting: Kanen Faud'r (Eli Curtz)
Body Parts Incorporated: Electrofyer
Product Placement/Ranked Support: Pallor of £ofG
Many Thanks: My loving wife for her patience, support and two beautiful kids. Uncle Sam for an income tax refund large enough to subsidize a G3. Ripp for additional support through my nervous breakdown. Fisj for cleaning up my texture mess (no, I still don't do my own color maps ;) Eli for making real the marathon dream with his scripting goodness. Iggy Popped for the House of Pain Texture and all of Vista for their support, testing, feedback, and friendship.

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