; Mythgraveyard

Ok, basically I made this map because I enjoyed playing Rangefest(tm) with some of my old 
ordermates, which is just Soulless, Fetch and Dwarven Heros. We loved Carpet Bombing back
and forth killing whatever we could so I decided to make it for myth 2 because there arent
many maps out there with these types of units. I've also added a few games that werent in
the original If I Had a Trow that I feel should have been like: Last Man on the Hill, King
of the Hill and Flag Rally. Maybe in a later version I will add some other games too but
for now I thought I would leave it at that. For all those BEECEE TRO freaks from Myth 1
this is probably the map you were waiting for but I made it big to discourage some of you
:- Ok no I didnt but it is kind of big considering it's only one mesh but hey that's Myth 1
for you! Enjoy it or don't, whatever :-)

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Fear and Loathing by: Chad Careswell, synapsed@home.com

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