; Mythgraveyard

Hurricane is a M3 plugin and is to be used for recreational play 
in no part of this tag should be used unless permission is given by form of email

Meshes: all four start maps

Eye of the Hurricane
Units: beserks dwarves oghres pack mages and thrall
Eye of the Hurricane (Dark)
Units:Trow ghols warriors myrk warriors and dwarf mortar heroes
Twisted (from the request of Warlock of BoD a long time ago it makes its idea into a mesh) kinda scary
Units: Warlocks of Valor, Stygian Knight(the solo version),multiplayer warlocks, dwarf mortar hero
myrkridian pack mages, and the Assasin unit TFL pathfinder from Fall of Scales with his hopping satchel bomb use with caution it works alot differently in m3

Units:heron guard, archers, dwarves, beserks, pack mages, and Connal (assasin)
Whirlpool Dark
Units:heron guard, Trow, hearth guard, dwarf mortar hero, forgotten, and your own Avatar for assasin

NOTE: this map uses the whole mesh i mean it uses from one corner to the other so the camera will not go
all the way due to i dont like seeing the edge of the map myself so in my attempt to hide that the camera can only go so far

1998 Bungie 2002 t2i
this map was made using Loathing Fear and edited in Vengeance
All rights reserved by their respected ownerships
Gamespy ID Malektheancient or Malek

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