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"Hunka Burnin' Luv!"

If you crave the deeply satisfying Myth II game of absolute destruction, chaos, and challenge, this is the Myth II plug-in you'll want...for solo and net play, alike!

An incredibly simple, yet incredibly fun plug-in/unit changer from the master of folly, ol' Beer Can himself!

"Hunka Burnin' Luv!" is a riot! It gives you great and fun powers, while also giving the bad guys a very deadly edge, too. In seconds, your game can go from "Pristine" to "Toast!"

What "Hunka Burnin' Luv!" does:

This plug-in/local folder modifies the Bowmen, Soulless, Mortar Dorfs, and Fetch.

Bowmen are now "Blast Bowmen" who fire standard mortar rounds which explode (doing normal damage) and then catch the ground/scenery on fire, like a Flaming Arrow.

Soulless now fire flaming javelins, which hit and act as a standard Flaming Arrows.

Mortar Dorfs are the same as always, except the mortar rounds catch the ground/scenery on fire, like a Flaming Arrow.

Fetch lightning is the same as always, except that it catches the ground/scenery on fire like a Flaming Arrow.

The Bowmen no longer have dagger/Flaming Arrow attacks, by the way.

Of course, Bowmen firing mortar rounds that catch the ground on fire are pretty tough to get rid of...until the Souls show up, tossing flaming javelins all over the damned place. Man, it looks like Smoky the Bear has his work cut out for him! New meaning to the words "Scorched Earth Policy"! Your meshes will all be toast! Carnage, galore!!!

What's here:

A little "Hunka Burnin' Luv!" local folder, and therein lies the stuff. Just make this folder your new "local" folder, or drag the contents thereof into your current "local" folder.

There's also a plug-in called "Hunka_Burnin'_Luv!_1.0," and you'll wanna use that for multiplayer.

"Hunka Burnin' Luv!" was created (hacked) with Bungie's "Fear v1.2," on a PowerMac.

I created "Hunka Burnin' Luv!" for one reason: I grew weary of spending hours trying to defeat very hard maps set to "Legendary." I'm interested in fun, not work. So, I tossed this together, but allowed the bad guys some leverage, too, as to not make things "easy."

"Fun" is the operative word here. Tons of it. It's just so cool blowing the hell out of everything and watching the landscape burn.

Make no mistake: This plug-in will not make you invincible. No way. There's all kinds of new dangers to be aware of: Having a Bowman shoot into a group of your units will now result in heavy loss, and not a simple "Hold your fire!" protest...

Have fun.

Commentary? Drop a note to:

P.S. Some unit names and unit flavour texts have been changed to protect the guilty. Have fun with that.

P.P.S. For some reason, this "Hunka Burnin' Luv!" will not work on just a couple of the Bungie multiplayer meshes. Why? I don't know. Perhaps some of those units are slightly modified for those particular meshes? Have no fear: It works beautifully on all Bungie solos (and many others!), and on almost all the Bungie multiplayer meshes (and many others!), so load-up "Hunka Burnin' Luv!" and have at it!


Made in whole with Bungie's Fear(tm) All rights reserved. Copyright 2000-2001.

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