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Created by TK-421(aka TYRANT on b.net), wampamagic@hotmail.com

!!!Homing Paratrooper!!!

This is a cool unit I made in 5 minutes. It is a dwarf that
throws homing/explosive paratrooping mortar dwarves. What this
paratrooping dwarf does is it flies up into the air, then it flies
downward to blow up on someone. What's cool is that it doesn't just
fly like a bottle or any other projectile, it actually turns and guides
itself to its target. If it misses, it jumps back up and tries to track
the target again by gliding. When the paratrooper hits its target, it
detonates (massive damage). The paratrooper can jump up again a lot,
but sometimes it just breaks its legs and dies upon landing. :)

Note:It is not impossible to avoid the paratrooper, infact it is quite
easy. But remember, just because it's gone doesn't mean it's not
coming back! It has taken me by suprise with its ambushes. B^)

Also, the dwarf's special is to heal itself (and only itself).
This unit is really fun on ffa maps and deathmatch. It would be really
cool to see this unit in other people's maps. ::crosses fingers::

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