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|||||||||||||||||||| H O M E L A N D |||||||||||||||||||
||||||||||||||||||||| A New Solo map ||||||||||||||||||||||
|||||||||||| from C R E A T I O N ||||||||||||||||

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Using this Plugin

:::: 2. What is Homeland?

:::: 3. Story

:::: 4. New Units

:::: 5. Hints

:::: 6. Credits

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

:::: 1. Using this Plugin

To use this plugin, simply place it into your "plugins" folder inside your Myth II folder. Then start up the game, and HOLD SHIFT when selecting a new game. Homeland should appear as one of the levels to select, then simply click and enjoy. To play a co-op game, you must have first loaded the level as a solo game before it will show up in the co-op game list, just like any other MythII solo level.

:::: 2. What is Homeland?

Homeland is a new solo map that takes place in the time period directly following Soulblighter's demise. The minions of the Dark have gathered in the snowy Berserk lands, led by a mysterious new power who has raised a long-dead, powerful ally, the Shalam or Ice Giants. It is your mission to cleanse your homeland and unveil this shadowy figure behind the abomination. The trow are fighting their last battle as your allies, so you'll want to make the most of them. You only get one trow at the start, but reinforcements, including three other trow, are available if you explore.

:::: 3. Story

Homeland takes place just after the demise of Soulblighter. It takes place in the far north, also the homeland of the berserks. The following is the story from the point of view of the narrator - read it here or enjoy with a voice narration and tons o' new artwork in the pregame.

A soldier's work is never done. Truer words were never spoken.

In the wake of Soulblighter's demise, what's left of his army is massing in
the north near the small villages of the berserks. Alric has ordered us to
go ahead and scout out the area to see what we are up against, so the land
can return to peaceful times. Eager for one final battle to finish this
war, the berserks are rallying us forward. The gleam in their eyes bears
mute testimony to their desire to finish the Dark once and for all. Each one
is at this very moment sitting in front of a fire built forty years hence,
telling their grandchildren how they single-handedly cleansed their homeland
in unparalleled feats of valor.

Following close behind us are our "friends" the Trow, who have made a new
Vow -- the coming battle will be the end of their alliance with us. Although
we had hoped they would prove useful allies in the future, no one dared
stand against them. Some grumble that their abrupt termination of the
alliance heralds a darker purpose.

Recently, we have come upon some new allies. It has been four hundred years
since Tyrfing the Mariner set sail to the North, and since then even the
myths surounding this hero have always ended in his demise at sea.
Apparently that was not so, as a group of strangely-clad warriors have
arrived from the uncharted North, claiming to be his descendants. They have
fought their own war against the Fallen in the time since their ancestors
last set foot on this soil, and have at last returned to establish a new
alliance with us. Alric of course could not turn down such an offer, and
few of them have accompanied us on this mission, partly for adventure,
partly to see how the land has changed from the stories of their

I just hope they're all they claim to be, for we have more to fear than just
Soulblighter's army. Large packs of wild northern wolves have again
appeared where they had once been driven out long ago, during the final
years of the Axe Age. Worse, The local townspeople claimed to have seen
giant hulking beasts in the distance, calling them by their legendary name,
the Shalam. Of course, all this could be just rumors, spawned by the
formidably massive Trow among us, but nonetheless I cannot help but

:::: 4. New Units

There are several new units in Homeland, only one of which (The Northman) is on your side, so you'll have to work hard to get past the enemy...

The Northmen: These guys are a little like Berserks. They move at about the same speed, except the Northmen attack a tad slower, and also have a block.

Winter Wolves: These are basically the same as the wolves in Myth II, except white. You'll face a lot of them or none of them depending on which way you go.

The Shalam: The Trow have met their match with these guys. Shalam tear through the melee with a series of powerful punches that could knock a Northman down in seconds. Watch out for these guys, they pack quite a punch! (no pun intended)

Dark Warriors: Think Stygian Knights with an attitude. Wielding powerful maces, these shadowly figures are a tough kill.

Keep an eye out for more unexpected surprises.

::::5. Hints

Here are a few hints to help you along the way. A more complete list is available in the in-game hints

1. Reinforcements lie all around the map. Find them, your gonna need em'.

2. The point of this level is to find whoever is behind this mess. Look for heavily guarded areas or areas with strong units blocking the way...

3. Watch the skies, The Soulless are still a little ticked off about you killing Soulblighter...

4. Always watch your back. You might be fighting one army, but another attacking from behind could sandwich you.

::::6. Credits

Project coordination: Jack
Don't let this title fool you. It might have been my idea to begin with, and I might have seen it through completion, but nothing that I physically made ended up in the map. I guess you could just call me "The Boss" :)

Units/scenery/sounds: Cydonian
I don't think I could have found a faster or harder worker than Cydonian. He managed to pump out units in unbelieveable speed (all of which are top notch. Those Chimera dudes have nuthin' on this guy. ;) , and could do sounds like nobody's business! (It's his voice you hear in the pregame intro, as well as any other spoken portion of the map.)

Artwork: TJ
TJ is the reason nothing that I physically made ended up in the map, but heck, after seeing what he could do, who needed my sketches? This guy has incredible talent, so look for his work in other upcoming creations from...er...Creation...

Mesh/scenery: Clem
I don't know how he did it, but he managed to finish the map for Homeland - design, colormap, mesh, and scenery - in less than a day! Not only that, he also created the incredibly detailed trees that you see scattered throughout Homeland, so watch this guy, he's coming up fast.

Scripting: Ares
THE best scripter in the Myth II universe, Ares was probably among the hardest workers on this map. In addition to scripting, Ares did all the little things that never get mentioned, tweaking more bugs than can be counted. Besides being a great guy, he also was one of the most loyal supporters of the map (Oh, and not to mention, a great theological debater:)

Special Thanks to:

Beta Mesh/all around worker: Lord Fred
The ORIGINAL mapmaker, and youngest non-HoAxoar out there ;)

Flavouring/comic relief: Milk Man
Just what it says. I was laughing my ass off after reading his Trow flavor.

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

Ask us for permission to use any new units or scenery included here. You agree by reading this that failure to do so will cause you to waive all legal property rights you have to your soul.

email jsljjenk@groupz.net with questions or comments

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