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Read Me!/lFf@8"Ff JJ0/lh/q.'1VFf@/TEXTttxtG.tdNdRcHIGH PLAINS HAVOC v1.1
by High Plains Cartography

This is our first map - so go easy on us! Read the story to understand why things are the way they are.

This map contains the new Swineherd Cavalry unit produced by the Model Makers of Muirthemne. Check em out in Hunting on the Light map!

We would like to thank our order and Misfit138 from DM for help with the beta testing.

Also thanks to all who have helped with our countless questions. We couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks to Deathwhore for not only producing the Myth II handbook, but also answering nearly daily e-mails with questions. BTW - you usually answered them within an hour - do you sit and check it all day and night? :-)

To install this plugin simply drop it in the plugins folder. It has 3 versions - a light, dark and slugfest. All games are available in the light and dark versions. The slugfest has BC, LMOTH, KOTH and territories. There are a few surprises!

Have fun!

Heal w Steel
King Adrock

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