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This is the readme for the Hexotagset, a plugin which is required to play on Discovery.  Instructions for use are found in the readme that should have come with the map plugin...  There are some notes for map makes here (Read this if you intend to use any or all of our tags), but first I must get through the legal matters...

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Hexographica at hexographica@hotmail.com.

Also, Hexographica claims any rights not claimed by Bungie Software Products Corporation as their own. See below guidelines for the terms of use of any of these tags...

We at Hexographica have worked hard to create these fun and/or (we hope and) cool creatures. We are currently allowing others to use these tags (for those who would steal them, remember that they are copyrighted works) on a few conditions:

1. The tags may not be edited from their current states without express and specific permission. If you want to edit them, send an email asking us if you may edit them, and stating specifically what you want to do with them. We will evaluate these on a case-by-case basis.

2. All maps using these tags must use them from the hexotagset plugin. That is to say, said map will require the hexotagset plugin to function, and the collections, mons tags, etc., should not be found on the map you have made. Obviously those with specific permissions to edit tags are exempt from this. We will also consider specific exemptions for other reasons.

3. Hexographica also requires that all maps that would use any original hexographica material be tested by Hexographica before release, and must be approved by Hexographica before release. Simply put, this is to keep people from making maps that don't fit in with our vision of how these tags should work, and to keep the tags from being cheapened by repeated use on obviously bad/buggy maps.

4. We (Hexographica) must be given credit for any work of ours that is used in a map. Usually this would be done in a readme file (where you should also give credit to Bungie, as per their requirements). We will not allow those who do not give proper credit (to us, to Bungie, and to anyone else whose work was included) to use our creations.

You can reach us at hexographica@hotmail.com to inquire further, to send us a map (bigger maps may require special preparations), or to as any other question that may cross your mind.

Also, see our webpage at http://www.mythnews.com/hexographica to see more of our cool stuff that's in progress...

Thank you for your co-operation...

The Hanged Man -- Hexographica

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