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Hexographica Tagset version 2.0
by Hexographica
Original Readme: August 20, 1999
Final Readme: September 22, 2000

**** This plugin is designed for use with Myth II: Soulblighter ****


I. Plugin Information
II. Installation and Activation
III. Hexotagset v2.0 New Units
IV. The Creators
V. Special Thanks
VI. Copyright Information

Title : Hexotagset v2.0
Filename : Hexotagsetv2.0.zip
Plugin Name : Hexotagset 2.0
Author : Hexographica
Contacts : Chikatilo (chikatilo@hexographica.com),
Drunk Bob (bobert@hexographica.com),
Modest (modest@hexographica.com),
Pimpy(tm) (pimpy@hexographica.com),
ReAnimator (matchett@newrock.net),
The Hanged Man (varsil@home.com) &
Uthuan (uthuan@hexographica.com).
Website : http://www.hexographica.com/myth
Description : This plugin contains various collections
for use with maps created and authorized
by Hexographica.

Place the file 'Hexotagset 2.0' in the Myth2_SB\plugins\ directory. To activate the plugin, run the program 'Myth II.exe' and select 'Multiplayer' from the options screen. Then host a game via TCP/IP or on bungie.net. While on the host options screen, select 'Plugins...'. To activate the plugin, select it from the list and use the right arrow button to move it to the 'Active' list, then select 'OK'. Finish selecting the map and game options and you are now ready to play.


Author: Uthuan (Anton Napiera)
Email: Uthuan@usa.net
Cost: Non-Tradable
Type: Ranged
Description: The Ballista is strictly a defensive unit. It cannot
move and fires large arrows that can kill most melee units
in one to two hits. Use them to protect your castle or
stronghold from enemy units.
Special Attack: None

Author: ReAnimator (Craig Matchett)
Email: matchett@newrock.net
Cost: Four (4) Points
Type: Melee
Description: The Cavalry is the much-anticipated mounted knight unit.
He is faster than a ghol and attacks with his lance and can trample smaller opponents. They are a very strong unit, but cost twice more than the other melee. They are best-used in hit and run tactics due to their incredible speed.
Special Attack: None

Author: ReAnimator (Craig Matchett)
Email: matchett@newrock.net
Cost: Non-Tradable
Type: Ranged
Description: The Catapult is the ultimate ranged weapon as it can
decimate entire armies from a distance. It fires large boulders
that bounce and cause damage on each rebound, so tight packs of
units are the best targets. It can also be used to break down
walls and other objects. As a special ability the Catapult can
fire a multiple rock blast that operates on the mana system. This
feature is called 'Stone Shower' and is initiated by pressing 't'
key and selecting a target.
Special Attack: Stone Shower - Fires a multiple rock blast at selected target.

Author: ReAnimator (Craig Matchett)
Email: matchett@newrock.net
Cost: Twelve (12) Points
Type: Flying
Description: The Dragon is death from above. It scorches it victim with
flame and fire and can often fly away unscathed from the incident.
Dragons also have the special ability to ignite the ground on fire
with flame called 'Dragon's Breath'. To use this feature, simply
press the 't' key and select the desired ground target. Be warned
however that a Dragon is not faster than a Griffin and usually must
flee whenever one is sighted.
Special Attack: Dragon's Breath - Ignites the ground on fire, damaging any units it hits.

Author: ReAnimator (Craig Matchett)
Email: matchett@newrock.net
Cost: Twelve (12) Points
Type: Flying
Description: The Griffin is the melee version of the flying unit. It can
attack only with its claws, thus are lower fliers than Dragons, and more susceptible to artillery attack. They rule the skies due to their fast speed and fierce attack.
Special Attack: None

Author: ReAnimator (Craig Matchett)
Email: matchett@newrock.net
Cost: Two (2) Points
Type: Melee
Description: The Pikeman is a defensive Warrior. He attacks with a long
pike that is two (2) to three (3) times as long as a lance. This
makes them formidable opponents from the ground as they can attack both much larger units and flying ones as well. Be warned however that once a unit is inside the Pikeman's range they are extremely vulnerable.
Special Attack: None


So, what Hexo dudes did what?

Chikatilo (Gavin Mahan): Miscellaneous work on the tagset, including making the new trees featured in Warlords, and other behind the scenes work.
DrunkBob (Brendan Rehon): Miscellaneous work on the tagset, such as final organization of tagset, created plugin icon, and final revisions on readme.
Modest (Abraham Benrubi): Miscellaneous work on the tagset, including retexturing models, and organizing the tagset.
Pimpy(tm) (Vic Mitkal): Creating the flavor texts for the units, first versions of readmes, and being the overall idea man.
ReAnimator (Craig Matchett): Unit modelling, creation, and fear work for those units (Cavalry, Dragon, Griffin, Pikeman, Catapult).
The Hanged Man (Varsil Savai): The primer Fear worker.
Uthuan (Anton Napierala): Unit modelling, creation, and fear work for those units (Ballistae, Dragonfly).
Angus (Alexander E.): While not directly working on this tagset, he created the Hexo website.

Extra special thanks to BadThrall who did the final tag sorting and renaming and without whom this never would have been finished.

A special thanks to all the multitudes of beta testers that have tested our incredibly lag and buggy plugins and maps: our homies and former members Lemur Lord and Badthrall, all the prime guys (Angus, Beerman, Siclops, Apple G3, Rem, Banshee, Wallace, and Ulric), Carbon, Periodic, Cataclysm, Tino, Attaboy Skip!, Conner, Mechjock, Zeronova, Hungry Ghol, Losk, all the Creation folks (especially BADTHRALL,Ares, Clem, Milk Man). Also thanks to the Vista guys (especially fisj and iggy popped), Manus Celer Dei, and Santa's Head for help and testing along the way. And a big thanks to everyone we missed here, and you know who you are.


This software is Copyright (c)1999, 2000, All Rights Reserved. Hexographica.
The members of Hexographica recognize the pre-existing rights and
responsibilities of Bungie Software Products Corporation ("Bungie").
All appropriate software and graphics Copyright (c)1996-2000, All Right
Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation. Portions of the
software made with Bungie licensed tools or generally published documentation remain under the prior license agreements for the use
of those software products. Myth: The Fallen Lords, Myth II: Soulblighter, Fear and Loathing Copyright (c)1996-2000. All Rights Reserved. Bungie Software Products Corporation.

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