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An epic battle with up to 170 units on each side. Eight new heroes ranging from the dwarven demolitionist to the mighty electrifying fetch hero and 
the life leeching necromancer. Randomly generated units that suit the amount of players ingame. Vast terrain to explore with many
strategic paths. Never before seen spells like the life steal,
lightning shield, doom fire spell and firewall(3 for each new heroes!). A balanced teamgame environment where teamwork and micromanagement skills
are crucial to victory. And finally, an army of the dead that enjoys coming back to life for revenge... Now get yourself some teammates and
prepare for the biggest multiplayer battle ever made for myth. Welcome to the world of pure carnage, welcome to the world of Haxors.

Heroes :

Dwarven Demolitionist
Elite Archer
Soul Disciple
Fetch Hero
Wight King... ? :)

Read the Word document for more information on the Heroes.

Squad based :

The number of squad is determined by the number of players ingame. There are 8 squads for big 16 players game! :D

For example, in a 5v5, there will be 5 randomly chosen squads on each side. Keep in mind the random squads are the same on both teams for
balancing things out.
Also included is a version where squad number is determined by difficulty(in case you want to control more than one squad)
Have fun controlling 10 different monster types though :D

Squads :
Frostmage squad : Stygian knights, Myrmidons and Fir-bolgs. This is a very basic and balanced setup. Good against other archers because of your
stygian knights. This squad is very weak against explosions.

Elite archer : Archers, Warriors. The archer squad is the one with the most ranged units. It is very good against spell
casters, but watch out for melee rush.

Necromancer : Ghosts. This is a very unique squad that has never been done in myth. Once your 12 berserks are all dead, they will respawn at
their death location for a second chance...

Dwarven : Dwarf hero, dwarf mortar, trow, poachers : Very good all around squad. Biggest weakness is its lack of distant attacks and overall
poor melee support.

Pyromancer : Berserks, Ghols, Warlocks : Another good all around squad. Losing your 2 warlocks is bad, though.

Fetch hero : Mauls, Myrkridias, Fetchs. A very versatile squad. It has strong melee unit and the mighty powerful fetch.
The fetch hero also has 2 new attacks because the normal ones are way too strong against groups of units.

Soul disciple : Heron guard, Journeymen, Bre-unors. This is your healing squad. Very good for hit and run tactics or supporting other squads.

Fallen : Mahir, Spiders, Soulless. This is the perfect hero killing squad. Very fast squad that can go almost anywhere on the map.

Army of the dead :
If you happen to get the necromancer squad, his squad is worth less pts than the others, but the ghosts you can control will come back to life once
they all die. Very handy for setting traps... Remember, they will respawn only when all of them are dead and they will do so only ONCE and only
if the necromancer is still alive.
Ghosts are very vulnerable to ranged attacks because the projectiles go through them... and can detonate more than once.
Makes very interesting melee fights...

Combos :
Since all heroes posess three spells, it is possible to combine them in one super attack. For example, bone armor acts as a repeller and by
shooting with your ranged unit from inside the shield, the projectile can go much further. You can also use counters on some spells, like the
fetch lightning to blow up incoming fireballs, freeze a necromancer to stop him from leeching your life, hold dwarves with the fallen
on top of the mines they are planting for a nice explosion... Carpet bombing is also possible.

Weakness : Every hero is weak and strong against some type of damage. Read each hero's flavor text for their strength and weakness.
ex: pyromancer is weak against cold attacks. The ghostly Fallen absorbs some slashing damage.

Credits : To all my betatesters, especially Mate and Wismuth for endless hours of testing :) Betatesters might see their name on heroes :)
To Magmaproject for the fir-bolgs, myrmidons and Myth 1.5.1 and all of its cool features!
To bungie for the great game!
To hl.udogs.net for hosting the map!

Just tell me you did and I will gladly betatest your map :)

You may also use any innovations in this map, which includes the army of the dead script and the adaptive teams which will also be
featured in the upcoming Axis vs Allies v1.2!

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