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Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: 
Road Sign Hazard (Jesse Guiles)

This Folder should contain 4 files:

1) Heroes of Co-op 2.2.1 (the plugin, place this in your "Plugins" folder located withen your "MythIIÄ" folder.

2) Readme.txt (this file)

3) local (replace the local folder in your "MythIIÄ" folder with this one...its not nessesary to use this but at least this way you will always see the graphics that were in HoC.)

4) Roads Icons M2 (this goes into plugins folder and can be activated from plugins option when hosting a game...just start a game and quit if the host doesnt have this plugin to see the icons. If the Host does have this plugin on than only players with this plugin can join the game..this plugin is also optional.)

Please report all bugs to roadwyrm@sonic.net

áWarrior Hero
Primary Attack:
Sword swing
Secondary attack:
Blocking (agianst arrows, javilin, bottles ect..)

áBezerk Hero
Primary Attack::
Sword swing
Secondary Attack:
Healing self (If Bezerker has a Mandrake Root)

áHeron Guard Hero
Primary Attack:
Sword swing
Secondary Attack:
Healing (Ammo: Mandrak root)

áJournyMan Hero
Primary Attack:
Shovel swing
Secondary Attack:
Healing (Ammo: Mandrake root)

áBowman Hero
Dagger attck (close ranged),
Launch arrow (distance).
Launch Puss Arrow (usually you get only one and it will fire befor fire arrows).
Fire Arrow (Ammo: fire arrow)

áWarlock Hero
FireBall (mana based)
Teleport (Mana based..must click on ground to use)-- If the warlock is "stuck" in one spot for more than 30 seconds he will teleport (free of charge) to the place that he started at begining of game)
Confusion (Mana based, must ckick on living unit)

Magic holding
Convert (Only works on living units excluding Trow and Large Myrk).

áDwarven Hero
Throw Bottle
Lay Satchel Charge (Ammo based)

All units can pick up and toss the following:

Satchel Charge

Puss Packet

Mandrak Root (Jman ,Heron Guard and Bezerker use the Mandrake root as ammo so only the Bezerk will toss a mandrak root if he has more than one).

Unlit Bottles (They are thrown unlit as well)

--These objects will appear in your ammo box when picked up. The attack on these objects are "reflexive"..meaning that once you press the "secondary attack" key they will take action.

Thanx to all of the beta testers (Ramble, Kiri Jolith, OOgaBooga, Darry Hickman, Shadow, Choco, Clocker, Alu, Darkman..god the list goes on and on...)

Special Thanx to Darry HIckman for spending most of his time downloading and uploading file for the beta testers and for hosting the games at PlayMyth.

Extra Special thanx to OOga Booga (The creator of many string lists and who has always inspired me to be a better Haxoor Hoor) and to Cam DeGray for helping me with the teleportation bug.




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