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	 	 	 	  	 	 	  	 		  	 	 	  	 	 	 	 			 	  Hellfire Crossing
by Alric Stormking-3C-
This is the first singleplayer level in the Blades of the Realm campaign.


This is what tells you how to play this solo. Do it right.

1. Put Hellfire Crossing into your plugins folder.

2. You do have the Realm-UnitsTagset, right? If not, get it at the Mill.

3. Open your Myth II folder. Move the local folder you have in it somewhere else.

4. Now extract all of the tags in the Realm-UnitsTagset with Tag Extractor or Topaz(www.vistacartel.com), and save them in a new local folder.

5. Start Myth II. Shift-click "New Game", and at the bottom of the list(or somewhere) you will see Hellfire Crossing. Choose it, watch the cool pregame, and enjoy!

6. When you are done, move the local folder with all of the Realm tags somewhere else. Put your old local folder back in, or make a new, empty one.

7. Just move the Realm local folder back in to the Myth II folder when you want to play the solo again. Also, now that the level has been played and will be visible whenever you want to play it, you can just activate the Realm-Units plugin in Multiplayer Game and play it from there, without any moving around of local folders.

Mail me(stormdragging@aol.com or alric@sandmangames.com) for any help you might need with this, even hints on how to win.

Story(even more of it in the pregame)

The Realm's proud armies had rallied and opposed the rebel lords as they attempt to push through the Icemount Pass and besiege the Realm's capital. Ranks upon ranks of royal soldiers gleamed, and gloriously did they charge the hordes of traitors and revolting peasantry.

Yet the loyalist troops were crushed, every last position along their line smashed away, survivors fleeing in horror. Shattered remnants of the Realm's forces retreat in a blind panic across the river they had sworn to hold to the last, the turncloaks cutting them down as they flee.

On the far bank, a company of men from the Realm army's rearguard stand their ground. They are not undead soldiers, they are sellswords and freeriders from the other world and from across the sea. The elite Lich-monks and skirmishers, those that remain, have rallied to the brigands' banner, and a desperate battle has been joined.

If the traitors are not stopped here, they will march on and sieze the capital. There are no troops left to oppose them. If the Crown should fall to them, even darker times will envelop the land, and even more wretched creatures will stir beneath the earth. This world would be consumed by darkness, and the vast powers of the Fetch would descend from the North. An age of bloodshed would consume this dimension, and the living and undead would envy the slain.

Copyright 2000 in part or whole Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Alric-3C-(stormdragging@aol.com). Blades of the Realm copyright 2000 Alric Stormking.

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