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This is like nothing you've ever experienced, this is HeadHuntersª!

Thank you for downloading this plugin. I hope you find this one of the best in your collection, you get many hours of enjoyment from it, and a considerable amount of time chuckling or rolling around on the floor in fits of laughter, thus getting you in to trouble for playing a game when you're supposed to be working.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time making this plugin, so rest assured, it is not some 2-hour-low-quality plugin. I have spent more time than is probably healthy on making new names/flavors/attacks and I'm more than willing to spend more. As always, if you have any comments/complaints/suggestions please e-Mail me at ullmac@aol.com .

I will give a breif description of all the changes I can remember as of this moment (there are a lot) so if you want to find out for yourself, DON'T READ THIS SECTION! If you've played a couple times with it go ahead. I'll try to put tips for the units too.

Headhunter: These units replace the dwarves. They were just released from the mental institution and are quite unstable. They throw severed dwarf heads at a fast rate of fire, laughing all along.
TIPS: The damage from the projectiles hasnt changed. The only changes to it were the rate of fire and how far the pieces fly. Sometimes they get carried away and you must stop them for them to attack a different unit. They can be as much of a danger to themselves as they can for everyone. Be very careful with these, children.

Proffesional Headhunter: These replace dwarf heroes. Their rate of fire isn't quite as fast as those of the normal headhunters, because they (as the title suggests) are more proffesional and/or sane.
TIP: Try to use them like you would any dwarf hero.

Mentally Unstable Headhunter: These replace morter dwarves. They are bored teenagers living in American Suburbia. They create homemade launchers from only the finest natural ingredients and pack them with high explosives. Look out on Halloween, citizens!
TIP: Make sure their target is a good distance away from themselves and comrads.

Long Range Headhunters: These strange people just love to launch sacks full of body parts at their unsuspecting targets.
TIP: The sacks cause excactly the same amount of damage as arrows. For times of need, use the special with extreme caution.

Serial Killers: These replace warriors.

Lemurs: These replace Ghols. They are tired of the degredation of their homeland and want revenge! :::Voice acting thanks to the rising star, Ring Tail::: (just joking)
TIP: These lemurs attack faster than Ghols. It makes them a little more effective.

Lawyers: These replace myrkridia.

PEE-PEE MEN: These replace wights. They are funny to look at considering their situation (read the flavor).
TIP: These are just like normal wights. They are just comic releif (phew!)

Ninja Troª: These replace trow. Their schools' self defence classes turned them into regular Jackie Chans!

Savage Headhunters: These replace bre'Uner. They too, throw sacks full of body parts and other assorted goodies. After a few seconds of these guys in action, things will get pretty bloody...

Drug Dealers: These replace jouneymen. These unscrupulous characters roam the streets getting potential costomers addicted while smoking pot all along. Try his free samples of LSD! They can make you feel a lot better. (I am not reccommending dugs in any way shape or form) The next generation of these, are marathon runners (heron guards) who skipped the drugs tests and went straight to the Olympics.

There are many other changes in the world of HeadHuntersª and those mentioned just skim the surface.

This plugin is ©1999 by Daniel Robinson (AKA, Sten, or Odin §¿P)
Please e-mail me at the above mentioned address. Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Most of all, HAVE FUN, AND TOSS A FEW HEADS WHILE YOUR AT IT!!!ª

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