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III.Known Issues

I.Head Edit is a tool that can edit the headers of individual tags. This allows you to change attributes fear does not. It works with both myth 1 and 2 tags. With it you can also change the header of a tag file from myth format to myth 2. Some tags will not work in myth 1/2 after porting. Others, such as collections will. A good test to see if a tag is portable between the two is to compare the versions of them(see head edit online help). If they are the same they are most likely portable. Head Edit began in October early into the myth II beta cycle to port overhead maps and pregame screens to myth II. It has since gained many new features and has been made much more reliable and usable.

II.To open all the tags in a folder, drag the folder onto head edit.

Head edit crashes occasionally when folders are dropped onto it. In most cases this is because memory is insufficient. Try increasiong the memory allocation.

IV. Head Edit is a b a d l a n d s tool. It is in no way related to bungie software products corp or your aunt. Head Edit may be mirrored on CD or web site so long as my permission has been attained and you agree to the terms I set for forth in my reply(email address in the about box). HTML rendering provided by HTML Field by Doug Holton.

Head Edit .1998-99 Chris Dreessen, Badlands

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