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Welcome again to the Magickal world of HeadHuntersª II !

This is the sequel to the popular, epic, 5.0 rated plugin, "HeadHunters". Thank you very much for downloading this plugin. I have spent many long hours creating all new flavors, attacks, effects, and so on. If you have any suggestions please feel free to e-Mail me at ullmac@aol.com .

The story Begins where the last (sort of) left off. The thing is, the first was intended just for fun, but this time I wanted to add a story to the humor. So, here it goes...

In the first installment, the HeadHunters (Dwarves) were plotting world domination. In the time elapsed betwwen these two plugins, they started a massive revolution and they now rule the earth. The Humans now, are the ones going against the institution. They have started the Rebellion, a large army with the sworn purpose of ending the HeadHunters' reign. They have also gained an alliance with the legenday Lemurs, who also feel unappreciated.

Gameplay is sort of similer, with some major differences that you will find out. You can also get additional fun from co-operative play, either by yourself, or with a group.

The fate of the Earth and the way the story goes in the next HeadHunters will depend on you. If you like this plugin and care about the future of the HeadHunter universe, e-Mail me at the above mentioned address and give suggestions like if the Humans' rebellion is successful and so on.

So put the plugin in the "Plugins" folder, activate it in the multiplayer options screen, and have fun!!!

-Sten (formerly Odin §¿P)

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