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A quiet river.
A peaceful kingdom.
An unknown evil.
A race in peril.
An unlikely hero.

The Havre River Saga is a map series like no other. Beautiful Color maps, Jaw Dropping Scripting, Stunning
New Units, and an Immersive Storyline, make The Havre River a must have for any Myth fan. What starts as
a routine patrol mission on the edge of a peaceful river becomes a battle between ultimate good, and
ancient evil. Friends come from strange places, and enemies from even stranger places.

This saga takes place over three maps, ranging from lush tropical islands, to arid wastelands,
to erie caverns. You’ll face hordes of undead horror, legions of deranged warriors, and powerful
sea elementals. This is not a story to be missed.... aw the heck with it, this hype is making my head hurt.

This ain't no Chimera, although our voice acting is better:) But it is fun, hard, new, and intresting.
The scripting for the final level is something you have never seen before, and the units are fresh and new.
The story and flavor text are new, and really add to the feel of the game. The maps are even more impressive
when you consider that they are GIANTS first colormap work, and first scripting work. Hopefully this map will
be a perfect way to debut The Idiots Mapmaking Collective, and we hope to make even better stuff in the near

Please read the documents that come with the map for more information on the units, the people that made
these maps, and all the legal junk.



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