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Thank you for downloading the Hatred a5.1. Please note that this is not a functional editor and most features do not work. I have released this only as proof that the project existed. Just in case you didn't catch this on my site, Hatred was discontinued because of Bungie's announcement of the release of Fear and Loathing, negating the need for 3-rd party editors. All code that didn't work reliably has been stripped from this alpha, and all that it is capable of doing is extracting a sprite (at this point it only will display the first one in the file, due to time issues) and displaying it until the user clicks. To do this, select the menu item Extract Sprite and chose a .256 sprite file. Note that the stripped version of Hatred does not work with all .256 files, and will not display the berserk or Balor file, and probably others. If this happens, the program will simply quit. Otherwise the program will run until the user quits. Note I take no responsibility in any incident that might occur with Hatred. By using Hatred you are accepting the fact that it could, directly or indirectly cause any kind of problem on your machine. It is only an alpha and has only been tested on my machine, a G3 desktop. Again, this is only for proofing use, and is not meant to be taken seriously as a unit editor of any kind. 

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