; Mythgraveyard

Thanks For Downloading my map...

This is my
first map,
as well
as my first
read me.
I pushed this map to release
before halloween so if ya find any bugs please
feel free to e-mail me at zkramer@lclark.edu. It is
A Halloween map as you can see by the
very clever title. I am also
intersted in starting
a map making group and
if anyone is intersted in joining
please email me at the aforementioned email address
I know that there are other Halloween maps out there
but i think that this map can add somthing to the
commynity. If you cant
tell this is supposed to be a
pumpkin and i need to keep typing to finish
is so... Thanks to Bungie and to all of
the people that helped me with this
map. The UnderDogs and thank
you very much to good ol'
All Hallows Eve
Myth II
(C) 1998 Bungie Software Products Corporation

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