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1st off, Move files from Guns folder to your /plugins folder in
your Myth II Directory
Welcome to Gunslinger Madness.. And Gunslinger Riot!

A new unit has joined the realm of Myth II. It's name is the Gunslinger.
With less melee, and more firepower dominating the world, the humans that
live with the dwarfs discovered a new technology. Guns! While using a gunslinger,
remember that they don't shoot anything without your command. So don't expect
them to shoot any enemy that walks your way.. This is where your trigger finger comes
into play. Also, each gunslinger has the ability to launch grenades from the barell of
his gun. He can do so when his mana is at full.


1) Gunslingers don't auto attack enemies. You have to target yourself.
2) When a gunslingers mana is at full, he can launch greandes with T key.
3) Have fun with this newly found carnage..

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