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Guerilla Warfare v1.1
By: Sephiroth

This map was made from the Drowned Kindom made by Bungie. It has poachers than can shoot fast and more powerful and can shoot fireballs and mortar rounds. They can even hide underwater (that's why it's called Guerilla Warfare). The original map ws made by Bungie. These maps are copyright and cannot be copied with out permission.

Tips on using Grenadiers and Flamethrowers:

Riflemen should most definately be spread out. One good hit from a Mortar Round from an enemy Grenadier can destroy most if not all of your Riflemen in a bunched group. Flamethrowers should also be spread out. We wouldn't want any friendly fire now would we? Be sure that your Flamethrowers are protected by other units. Their flames can do heavy damage, but are easy to kill. Enjoy the map! I'm sure you will. =)

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