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This plugin is by Amadeus(CaptainTrips) PennyRoyal@bungie.net. It was made with the help of fear, loathing, apathy, and amber. Myth is copyright bungie 1998.

Its a simple, crap textured model. Units can be placed on all levels, along with scenary, but once they are there, you must edit the tags so they cant move, or they will jump off hehe. Its main use is for solo maps, but if you wish to use it in a multi no one can stop you.

If you want to use this in your map just email me at tnjed4@home.com and notify me. I doubt that I wont let you use it. This plugin is not to be distrubted out side of The Mill without proir written consent by Eric Davis(Amadeus) Bla bla bla yackity smackity.

In all actuality, this plugin was made solely in Apathy, and maybe a little amber. Apathy is by Vista Cartel.

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