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Rennesance, They Might Be Mapmakers, and Creation present...

The Quick 'N Dirty Map Pack


A few months ago, members of various mapmaking groups got togeather, and decided to have some mapmaking fun. The rules of the Quick 'N Dirty Mapmaking Contest were as follows:

1. A predetermined "theme" is announced for the round. This can be anything from a season, a phrase, a unit, anything.

2. All players have exactly two hours to complete their map from scratch.

3. The map had to be completely original, and not based on any existing colormap, file, or project.

4. The completed, compiled, and compressed plugin had be self contained(i.e. no tagsets) and had to weigh in at less than 1.5 megs.

5. All maps are played by a panel of judges(along with anyone else that comes along for the ride), and are judged on a number of catagories. These catagories included colormap, theme, completeness, and overall funfactor. The winner of the round got to choose the theme for the next round.

What this means

This means that we've come up with a pack of 18 maps, by some of the biggest mapmakers and groups in the community. These maps are NOT the greatest maps ever made. Some of them have bugs. Most of them don't have very many gametypes implimented. Some don't even have pregames.

But all(or at least most) of them have one thing in common; they're Quick 'N Dirty fun! Many of them are two hour works of art, that would make

And at about one meg per map, it's a great deal for your bandwith. So grab the pack, grab as many friends as you can find, and enjoy the fruits of our admittedly low quality work!


These maps were made by:

Qui-Gon Gandalf

We aren't saying who made what for two reasons: some of these maps are really bad and we're ashamed of them, and in some cases, we just can't remember:)

Anyway, enjoy!

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