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Group of Coops #2
A Solo Series
from Creation

:::: Table of Contents

:::: 1. Using this Plugin / Known Issues

:::: 2. Introduction

:::: 3. Features

:::: 4. Extras

:::: 5. FAQ/ Tricks

:::: 6. Credits

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

:::: 1. Using this Plugin / Known Issues

To use this plugin, simply place it into your "plugins folder inside your Myth II folder. Then simply click new game. The Group of Coops #2 levels should appear with a bunch of solo levels to select, near the bottom of the level list, standing out because most of the levels text the a purplish-red color(In case this doesn't work, hold down the shift key when clicking New Game). Enjoy the levels!

Group of Coops #2 can be played cooperatively on b.net, and it is recommended that you do so. Huge battle maps like "The Crazy Mudpit" and "Dead Mans Chest" may cause OOS to occur, however during testing it rarely happened.

Group of Coops #2 should work fine with Mac OS and Windows specificly, no such problems took place during testing.

A big thing to point about Group of Coops #2 is that it features a built-in Biodegrader due to the huge number of projectiles that can result from killing over 1000 enemies! This means that bodies and body parts will disapper after a certain amount of time. This makes for lag-free and problem-free play. So if you're wondering what happens if there was no Biodegrader built in, play a BC Desert game with Deathmatch on for 75 mins against someone and you'll see.

:::: 2. Introduction

After 7 months into the making of Group of Coops #2, it has finally reached the end. Group of Coops #1 had 10 solo maps for TFL, which all held the same kind of misson objective. Group of Coops #2 however, has 45 levels with 13 Multi maps and with many different mission objectives and many random events throughout almost every level for Myth 2, meaning that not every level in GoC2 will play out the same way twice. There is no story for GoC2, so any way you play the levels is fine. All levels are from M2 maps, TFL maps, and 3rd Party Maps. Expect to have hours of fun with these levels and I encourage you to enjoy it with your Myth buds on bungie.net!

:::: 3. Features

-All TFL Physics 2.0 Features are built-in GoC2
-New/TFL Units:
-Forest Giant (Mormith)
-Fir'bolg (Gor-Ash)

-TFL Maps:
- Mudpit
- Carnage
- Ambush at Devil's Overlook

-3rd Party Maps:
- Hills of the Crow (Soma)
- The Ritual Site (Soma)
- ShadowVale (modest)
- VR Pool Party (Deathwore)

- Berserk and Heron Gaurds have improved smoother attacking.
- Interface changes.
- 45 solo levels, yes I said 45.
- 13 Multi levels from the 3rd Party maps have also been included!
- 1 Extra Plugin holding another 5 levels for TFL!
- New Death sequences for berserks,bowmen,herons,thrall and warriors

:::: 4. Extras

This stuff is not part of GoC2 but are extra levels that were made by me (BadThrall) that I thought you would enjoy as well.

-Group of Coops #2 TFL:

Heh no, this doesn't have 43 levels for TFL. These were some of the solos that I was going to have for GoC2 during the TFL times. There is around 5 levels in it , some may not work correctly but they should play out right. You have to play these levels in TFL multiplayer mode. Hold down the space bar when clicking Single player levels in the options area and all the GoC2 levels should show up. The mission objectives for all these levels is that you must survive. Good Luck!

:::: 5. FAQ / Tricks

Damn! How are you going to know which troops are mine, they blend in during battle!

The easiest way to find out which troops are yours without getting confused during battle is playing in Multiplayer mode. Here is a trick on how to do it without being connected:

1. Click on Multiplayer Game
2. Click on TCP/ IP
3. If it trys to connect, cancel it and hpefully it goes to the next screen without a problem.
4. Host the game.
5. If no errors occur, pick your GoC2 level and set your options, and then your troops will stand out from the rest!

This is the same idea if you can go online and play on bunige.net also and don't have to worry about being connected.

Damn this level is hard, how the hell am I suppost to beat it?

If its a "Crazy Mudpit" or a "Dead Mans Chest" level, try staying out of harms way. Try to not find yourself being overwhelmed with enemys, find a good position to fight in and give them what you got.

If your stuck with levels like " The Gravey Days" and "The Ritual Site", keep trying different strategies, one is bound to help you greatly through the level, I played out all the levels myself and they are winable.

Another thing is that some levels were made for cooping purposes, it isn't called Group of Coops #2 for nothing so find a Myth bud to help you, this adds to the fun factor!

Damn the options lag and the loading bar, whats the problem?

Sadly, there is no problem. A plugin that holds 40+ meshes is bound to lag Myth 2 up somewhat, what I recommend yourself doing is take any other plugins out (cept for the patches) and put as much ram into M2 as possible. However, this will only help these problems slighty. There is no way to avoid the options lag and it has been a problem throughout GoC2 testing, try to type slowly when typing in your title and warn your buds that they will experience the options lag.

What the.... the bodies are dissappering?!

Yep, thats right. Why? If they didn't disapper, problems would occur. A more explained reason can be found in the "Using this Plugin/ Known Issues" section.

OMG! my forms, what have you done to my formations?!

Since the TFL physics are built-in GoC2, there is no such thing a clumping and no such thing as clump up forms, it is recommended you take out your edited forms and use the default forms.

I still have a problem...

Then e-mail me at fumble@mailcity.com, I'll try to help ya on a certain problem.

:::: 7. Credits

Big thanks to this guy, who help find the space for GoC2, find me beta testers, and help me test with Group of Coops#2. He also created the pregame and postgame for GoC2. I would have put one of his maps into GoC2 but his maps have solos usually with them already and are in good use!

The one who made The Ritual Site and Hills of the Crow maps, did you say they were great looking? I agree!

The one who made Shadowvale, another awesome map, modest has also been a long time bud of mine and he usually works around Hexographica.

The one who made VR Pool Party during the golden days of TFL, this map is still in some minds one of the greatest.

Of course we know this guy is the founder of Creation, he helped test some of the GoC2 maps on his tight scedule with his projects and gave some important information. Also, the layout of this readme is based on his own Homeland II readme, he probably would have made this one as well, if I didn't get bored. ;)

Sam Stone
Just wanted to give credit for Sam for willing to make the mission objectives and hints for GoC2(however I ended up doing it), he also gave great testing for GoC2.

ooga booga
Yep, that neon green dude known as ooga booga was the master mind of Haxor Ways. He also had these cool mini dwarf voices, but they were not implimented because of conflicting issues and this colorful smoke stuff that was suppost to........nevermind.

Ok, this guy is just amazing. The way he gets done his units and how nice they are is incredable to say the least. He created the Northmen unit you know from HL1&2 and the Gor Ash fir'bolg unit that played a part in GoC2, he has also made many more units.

The guys who made the Bonemen unit that played a part in GoC2 and they also made Chimera.

The one who created Keep across the river, and he made the new Forest Giant unit, it rocked for GoC2.

Yep, this guy is the one typing down this readme. He is the leader for that other project for Creation called Group of Coops #2 and was really the only one working on GoC2's progress with a little help from Clem with the pregames and postgames. He scripted and edited all the levels, made the TFL physics for M2, setup the changed interface and typed the hints and the mission objectives with a buncha spelling errors, and I also put all the tags together without any conflicting.

Was the mastermind of a couple GoC2 maps, one of them was "Head Hunting!". He also help test some GoC2 maps with me.

A guy who went through all the levels and told me all the grammer, spelling and other mistakes in the mission objectives and the hints. Big thanks to this guy who help me fix them all!

also big thanks to these Beta Testers and good Buds:

Dr. Love
Darth Maul
Darth Bane

:::: 7. Legal & Contact Info

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Creation.

Duplicating any of these levels for the scripting and claiming them as your own is prohibited. You do agree by reading this that failure to do so will cause you to waive all legal property right you have to your soul and that you have dedicated yourself on getting a rating of a 1 with what you made at the Mill. You have been warned!

email BadThrall (fumble@mailcity.com) with questions or comments. Thanks!

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