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Grilling Grounds v1 - Multiplayer Map  - Myth II: Soulblighter


In his tireless effort to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience,
Soma has made another astounding accomplishment. Laugh! Cry!
Rejoice! The GrillingGrounds v1 Multiplayermap has arrived. :P

Here's what you'll get when you install the map:

- 3 new Meshes additionally called: light, dark, siege
- A new Unit type: The Trebuchet. How's it work? See below section III

NOTE: This map was created a very long time ago and never went public.
But creating the map was not a waste of time as you might think. I had
some very fun time playing it with my friends. So all these years I had this
map in mind and no time to release it to the public. Thanks to Clem and
many other people who inspired me with their power and tireless effort
to keep things running in the Myth Commnity!



(1) Windows 95/98/NT 4.0

Copy the plugin called "GrillingGroundsv1" into your "MythII/plugins/" folder

(2) MacOS

Copy the plugin called "GrillingGroundsv1" into your "MythII/plugins/" folder



The Trebuchet is very simple to use. (It is only avaiable in the siege version!)

a. Ctrl-click on the ground will shot a mortal round (at about half the distance to the target, costs mana 0.55)
b. Special (hit "t") will shot a flameing arrow
c. Double-click will release a bunch of normal arrows

Have fun!




MapMakerFood: http://www.artdroid.com/creationgames/soma/
(Myth Textures)

(c) 1999 Bungie Software Products Corporation
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

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