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Green Paradise/Green Hell (created by Krille)

Do you like when a wight suddenly comes up next to you without a warning?
When you're surrounded by wights and you know that you will get a lot of casalties.
Or even better, when you are suprising your enemies with wights.

Well this map gives you a lot of wight fun but still tries to achieve that gimble feeling.

It's a 6 teams ffa map with dark and light unit trade.

I would like to thanks all the beta testers:
Lionheart, Memoria, Rolley, Knight of Night, Gimp Mask, Browning, The Painmaster,
Da Bad Monkey, Apollo, The Sentinel, Russ, Death Star and of course BAM BAM
who came up with good ideas and kept me going.
There is maybe someone that I have forgot. If I have, then I'm sorry. :(


The unit trade

Green Paradise

Dwarves 1/2/0
Stygian Knights 4/8/0
Gh™ls 4/8/0
Thrall 4/12/0
Journeymen 1/1/0
Bowmen 4/6/0
Warriors 4/8/0
Wights 1 on timid-normal/2 on heroic/3 on legendary
Pigs (stampede) 16/16/16

Green Hell

Warlocks of Fire 1/2/0
Berserks 8/12/0
Heron Guards 4/6/0
Thrall 20/28/0
Fetch 1/1/0
Soulless 4/8/0
Gh™ls 4/8/0
spiders 8/10/0
Wights 2 on timid-normal/4 on heroic/6 on legendary
Wights (stampede) 11/16/1


Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Krille (Krille.tmmgp@telia.com).

Straight from bablefish (english-spanish-english)

The green hell of Paradise/Green (created by Krille) does to him has taste from when wight comes suddenly for above next to you without an alert? When wights surrounds to him and you know that you will obtain many of casalties. Or still he improves, when you suprising to his enemies with wights. This correspondence flows gives many him of diversion of wight but still it tries to reach that gimble sensation.
It is a correspondence of ffa of 6 equipment with commerce of the unit of the darkness and the light.
He wanted to thanks all the probadores beta: Lionheart, Memoria, Rolley, horseman at night, mask of gimp, bronzing, the Painmaster, monkey of Give badly, the Apolo, sentry, Russ, star of the death and of course BAM BAM that came for above with good ideas and kept going to me.
There is perhaps somebody I have I forgot. If I have, then I am grieved: (

The commerce of the unit Green Paradise

Dwarfed 1/2/0
horseman of Stygian 4/8/0
Gh4ols 4/8/0
Thrall 4/12/0
official 1/1/0
Bowmen 4/6/0
soldier 4/8/0
Wights 1 in timid-normal/2 in heroic/3 in legendary
pigs (precipitation) 16/16/16

Hell Verde

Warlocks of the fire 1/2/0
Berserks 8/12/0
protector of Heron 4/6/0
Thrall 20/28/0
brings to 1/1/0
Soulless 4/8/0
Gh4ols 4/8/0
spider 8/10/0
Wights 2 in timid-normal/4 in heroic/6 in legendary
Wights (precipitation) 11/16/1

Legal Copyright 2000 in whole number or the part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with the fear of Bungie and to detest of Krille (Krille.tmmgp@telia.com).

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