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Thank you for downloading The Grass Between your Teeth v1.4!

This map was released yesterday in a pretty untested, buggy and unpolished form. I never intended for it to be a major release, but due to popular demand, it got the polish it deserved!

New Fixes/Features in this version (as far as I can remember!)

- New mesh - 4 team mini-FFA
- Better assassin targets, especially in the dark mesh
- Ghast unit ported, so it is almost exactly the same as it was in M2*
- Ambient sounds added/changed*
- Terrain passability fixed*
- Pregame images!
- Other smaller bugs

Any comments/critisisms/questions? Mail me at phish@aelius.com

Thanks go to Mumbles for work on this new version, El Bastard and iggy for Vengeance help, Andrew Meggs for the Vengeance beta, and the rest of the Myth 3 dev team for such an excelent game!


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