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Our old brown barbarians were better in Myth III. It is a feather not to get to put some axes in them. Who knows later I put.

This plugin is a modification of Berserks for GOWER'S BERSERKS of Myth III. New sounds(FANTASTICS!) and string lists were included.

They love to scream!!!


"As a rite of passage, Gower youths journey to the glacial Blind Steppes in hunt of the frost bears who make their dens in the blue ice. Armed with only an ax, most Gower youths can muster the skills to slaughter the bear. The real challenge is dragging the bear’s carcass two-score miles back to their village. Pointing to a jagged scar along his chest, Grulof spoke of a Myrkridian Hunter’s clawed fingers. Gesturing to his bent leg, Grulof told a tale of a Ghôl's cleaver swing. Showing his lacerated back, Grulof spoke of a Trow’s footprint. After the massacre of the village of Jordsgrund, blood and signs of battle abound, but there were no bodies remaining save one. The body of Hothgar was found amongst the bodies of several dead Myrkridia all slain by his axe. Even in his death, Hothgar held the crushed throats of two Myrkridia in either hand, bitterly defiant long after his end"

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