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Celebrating the triumphant return of The Mill to the land of the living, ol' Beer Can is posting a map which inexplicably does not appear in the massive Mill archive.

Nor, it seems, anywhere else.

The "lost" Bungie map, "Going to Town."

From what I understand, no one knows who created this map, specifically, but it's basically a Bungie map that didn't make the Myth 2 release.


Who knows?!

This map is really fabulous, offering a variety of possibilities. I've run it with the Wild West tagset, Bushido, and the Hexo Tagset.

This is a huge landscape...a giant slice of land, reminding one of "Creep on the Borderlands," as for size (but not in gameplay).

The terrain is quite varied, the town layout an echo of "Green Eggs and Hamlet": Rivers, creeks, hills, dales, and all manner of "villagy" accouterments.

In fact, there's much about this map that hearkens "Green Eggs and Hamlet."


The meshes are a Light variant and a Dark offering, both with two starts, only.

Anyway, skin that smoke wagon, and get to work!

:: Beer Can ::

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