; Mythgraveyard

I made this map using  Photodelux,  Jade, Fear and Loathing, and Creations "map makers food".
this is a 6 start ffa map (good for team play). Its set in a semi winter landscape which features a receding glasier on one side, and a barren desert on the other...
The fertile newly exposed center ground provides abundant mandrake roots so keep an eye out.
the units include: warlocks, hero archers. dorfs, zerks, styg`s, huron guard`s, gholls, and wights.
the assassin target is a baron and the stampede targets are fleeing peasants (fun).
This is my first try at a FFA styled map, so im not sure of its ballance. (some starts have terrain advantage...) also the stb ball can be put into unreachable areas.


Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Coproration. Created with Bungies Fear and Loathing by: Snakebellywagonrut dropfrommyfinger@home.net

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